Thursday, November 26

Shanghaied with FinChi

Finally back home over a week! City that never sleeps! FinChi celebrated their 10th anniversary, Santa Claus is in China 10 days to promote Santa Park & Finland. He got to pour Champagne for the guest of honors. Some countries have kings and queens to promote their country but we have...well, Santa Claus. Beat that :D

There is a new, sort of absurd restaurant next door called Soldiers. Guns hanging on the wall and a poster of Full Metal Jacket. Is this....suppose to give me a better appetite? "Every day 6 pm we have a food-fight" Or not...

 Congrats to FinChi's 10th anniversary 
 The welcoming was a bit different 
 Santa says hi from Rovaniemi 

 Team Finland 
 They even build a sauna here 
 Something you never find in Europe....Every single big or small supermarket has this. And it smells! 
 Some soul food with Fred & Chem. The new Shanghai Brewery on Donghu road is really good! 
MUST Grill, every tuesday 2-for-1 mega burgers 

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