Wednesday, November 25

Hong Kong half a day

Had a connective flight via Hong Kong....For 2 reasons. These flights are really cheap AND I rather be a whole Saturday in Hong Kong than in Shanghai :)

Went to the Apple shop to get a new phone for Fred....But once I got there it was crowded. SO crowded that waiting there for a phone would have taken 3 hours according to the shop keeper. NO WAY! Thanks for the help Kim finding another store just around the corner with zero que. I wonder why everyone goes to the Apple store and buys one when the price in the Mall is just the same? True, they dark metal color was sold out but do you really want to que for hours to get it? Buying an iPhone in Hong Kong compared to Mainland is about 100 euro cheaper. I got mine in Australia which was even cheaper than Hong Kong. Mainly because the Australian dollar is quite low and I can get it tax free there as a tourist.

Went to get some food and have a drink to celebrate Saturday. Then back to the airport again....Plane was late. Very late. After boarding late it stood another hour on the strip waiting for permission to fly. Reason? It was raining in Shanghai. When I arrived there was just small drizzle. They should send the air traffic control people in China to North Europe to learn something about harsh weather. Some drizzle can't halt half the airport!

Hoping for sunshine in Hong Kong...Bye Hanoi 
 Nope, no sunshine here. Instead loads of massive skyscrapers
 A building on a building 
 Went for a beer @ Red
 5 pm
 6 pm 
 The highest, IFC. A few months back I was up in the observatory, amazing view. 
 Xmas lights at IFC were nicely made 
 This Christmas no one care about presents, more waiting for the new Star Wars movie! 
 If you ever been here, you will also love it 

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