Thursday, November 5

Holiday! Japan! Osaka!

Been to Japan 4 times now and it's always been very Tokyo based. Well, not anymore! Took a few days holidays and flew straight to Osaka this time. So what is there to do in Osaka? Eat great food! they are known for their takoyakis (squid-balls) and omelettes. Main reason we came here is because Universal Studios is here! Will be an amazing Halloween there with real Zombies running around. But before watch one of the oldest temples in Japan Shitennoji and walk around Osaka downtown. Was lucky enough to get upgraded to a Junior Suite in Sheraton, great view from the top floor!

Osaka downtown 
Riverside view, during graduation time in Osaka there are always some kids who dare each other of jumping off the bridge. Some do, police always involved. It's a bit like Havisamanda in Helsinki...

 Yumyum food coming
Omelette is here!
In Japan you will find mascots and logos of ALL kind
 The expression "chasing the dragon" is def what he is doing
Need some new underwear?  
 Busy busy
Nice top-floor view
 I feel like the girl from Ring could live here
Reaching Shitennoji temple


One old tree!
Autumn is here, leaves are red

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care
Gigantic spider!!

Found a local posing :)
School trip for the kids
When life gives you lemons, open a tequila

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