Saturday, September 28

Something very Chinglish copied

Was at the same SPA again and in their conferance room saw an air cleaner with a logo I PROMISE  I've seen somewhere before, you can judge by yourself!

 The box, and yes it's very wonderful...It's been proven once more that Chinese copy almost everything

Tuesday, September 24

Shock treatment & Rainy Beijing

After the amazing concert it's been raining constantly, and a LOT! The streets have been covered with water and little has been going on. Also, autumn came suddenly and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees in just a day and has stayed that way since last Thursday. Suddenly need a jacket and pants, that's one weird thing with Beijing. The summer arrives in a few days and autumn comes as fast. Really started to miss the warm south, Thailand, Singapore, Malay....On Sunday I'm luckily flying to south East Asia for a "vacation" again. 

They only had pink rain coating for bikes, very classy
Was introduced to a SPA owner when working in one of the clubs. Can come and go here for free anytime while I help to promote it. I got something really special for starters...
Volcanic water that has a twist of salt in it, suppose to be of limited supply and sells for over 4 euros a bottle
This was a bit freaky...
Electric massage or "shock" treatment. I told the owner that I just spent over 2 hours in the gym last night and that my muscles were sore, she said that the electric massage would help my muscles relax....ok, well let's try it then!
The electric massage felt really strange. It was like a tingling/vibration in the muscles. When adding more voltage it became a bit painful/uncomfortable. I can just imagine the horrors or electric torture that's being used, argh. In general it was quite a cool experience to feel your muscles twitch and move of their own will. I would not say that my muscles were less sore after the treatment but it sure was an interesting experience but I probably would not take it again, specially not if I'd have to pay the list price of about 100 euros. 
After the electrical massage I got an awesome 1 hour face treatment, fell asleep halfway and woke up really relaxed. Looking forward to go to this place later this week again :)
Some fruit while waiting for next massage
Parkview Green, located near The Place. A mall, office and design area with massive....eggs

Monday, September 23

Dash Berlin & Hardwell in Beijing

When I heard that Far East Movement, Dash Berlin and Hardwell is coming to Beijing I could not believe it! 2 of my favourite artists right here! It got a lot better when I knew I was gonna work at the festival, getting a staff pass to enter anywhere! In the daytime I handed out flyers and sold burgers for 3 Sums which was a lot of fun. It's been 12 years since I worked in a burger joint and now again! When Dash Berlin started playing it felt like nothing could be better right here, right now! The gig was amazing and all the best songs were played! When Hardwell went on we got on backstage to see him and also in front of the crowd to give out flyers, water bottles and burgers that were "leftovers". This night was by far the best night in my life so far! Never had this much fun and amazing time with great artists like this!!

Worker pass, good enough to walk freely everywhere in the area! Awesome! 
 Stadium around 11 am, still very quiet
 Plreparing the burger stand for 3 Sums. This is the only venue in the whole concert area where you can get food!! 

Was really a lot of work to put everything up and it took us 5 hours before the first burger was done. Biggest problem was that there was not enough electricity to run the kitchen. We needed to fix a lot of electricians on the spot to wire it up. HOW CHINA can you be so unorganised and unprepared for huge festivals like this in the center of the city??
 Interview room for Dash Berlin and Hardwell. Why do I know it? Because 2 hours before I took this picture 4000 of our burgers and ingredients were here making it stinky, greasy on the floor and really messy 

 Would you like to buy a VIP set of burgers? 16 burgers for 1000 rmb which equals to about 130 Euros
 Spray art by the main gate and an amazing day
 Handing out flyers for 3 hours, the most white guy working in the while stadium. We gave out a total of 4000 of these! In the end of the night we just threw them into the crowd from the stage area
 Burger stand almost done
 The banner broke so we had to do like McGyver would have done :D :D
 The first burgers and fries done! Nom nom
 First artist up, Far East Movement like a G 6!!!
 Backstage with Far East Movement
 Darkness approaches and so does the mega artists! 
 The VVIP area, to get a table here you pay a small fee of 10.000 rmb
 Not much crowd in from of the stage around 4-5pm 
Possibly the best "photobomb" ever!!! Kim Jong-Un Junior
This is how the picture SHOULD look like :D:D Hahahahaha, I laughed so much when I saw these next morning
Got to go and play with the lights for a bit too, sorry Dash 

In front of the stage when Hardwell is playing, this was the most amazing part of the evening
 We were giving these thirsty and hungry people in the audience water and burgers :) REALLY love this picture, thank you iPhone!!

 On backstage with Hardwell, bad picture quality but I ran out of battery of my pocket camera...
Crowd was awesome!!

Tuesday, September 17

Bipolar Beijing & Heyrobics!

It's been awfully polluted and raining the last few days, can't see more than a few hundred meters. Weather really makes you tired and sorta depressed when the only thing you see is grey. Beijing is quite bipolar, it can be super polluted and dirty for a few days, then suddenly all the pollution is gone and it's clear blue skies and the sun is shining. Kinda like last weekend when we organised a Nordic sports event on Sunday. The sun was shining and weather perfect! A lot of people showed up for sports and Heyrobics in the park :)

Hazy and polluted Dongzhimen area

Heyrobics in the park
 Finnish, Danish and French Young Professionals 

Monday, September 16

BT concert @ Beijing

Tiestos producer, BT came to Beijing to play a VERY short gig. Was only for about 1.5 - 2 hours which was way too short. Other DJ's have been playing for many hours. Well although it was short, was still some really good music. Got free tickets since I was working where he played :)