Wednesday, January 21

Day cruise to Tallinn, again!

Another day of walking around Old Tallinn, beautiful city. Too bad that all the roads were covered in slush and after walking for a bit our shoes were completely wet and soaked. Had to take off my socks and dry them in restaurants. Rain boots would have the choice of shoes for this day...So much better to come here in the summer...

Went to some museums and see the tunnels that run big parts of the old city. When Tallinn was under Swedish rule in the 18th century they build many kilometers of underground passages that worked as protection of the city. Sadly the Swedes capitulated to the Russians and then they passages were not used, they been flooded with water and loads of homeless people have been living in the the last 50 years. Now they are restoring it bit by bit and pumping out the water. Next year there will be more passages to visit! 

Tunnel continues but from this point it's no entry until next year...
 KGB Museum in Viru Hotel
View from Viru Hotel 25th floor
 Old Hansa, awesome place to have a locally brewed beer 

 View from Neitsytorni 

 The old cathedral 

 Up on the city walls 
City walls 
 Up in the tower, but what is this giant "beehive" ? 
 City Gates 
  East entrance to the city
 Slush slush slush!
 City Square
 Sun sets upon Tallinn

Tuesday, January 20

Last few days in Helsinki

Not many days left home anymore! Gotta make the best out of it even though the weather is awful. What better indoor sport than wall climbing! There is a huge new climbing center in Salmisaari, just center of the city. Was awesome! They have the highest walls in North Europe, many floors. Even Spide-Man would approve of this place. 

Chem having a good laugh at my climbing style. Thanks Hede for fixing it up and cameraman Mona who helped Chem take a selfie :) 
Some climbing without safety rope 
It's a long way up 
Push your limits and climb this 
Going up 
 The Uspenski Cathedral 
and from inside....
 Market Square by the harbour
 The new Skywheel! It came from nowhere, wasn't here in the summer 
One of the only clear days this week, sunlight! 

 Helsinki Zoo, all the way back from 1867

 It became white for a few days

Helsinki Cathedral
Personal Jesus

Monday, January 19

Back to Stockholm again!

After coming back from Berlin I spent the weekend home mostly playing Diabo 3 with Hede, always as awesome buddy. This is one of my highlights when going home J

Good times! Awesome with the massive projector
Can’t get away from the fact that Stockholm is just so beautiful and wondering around the city is always a pleasure! Went to the Hallwylska museum again but just as an advice to people who is visiting, do not go without the guided tour. Half of the place will be unseen then. Found my new favorite restaurant in the lobby of Nordic Light hotel: The Crooked Leg. They have very price worthy food there and it is just amazing!

Porkchop with potatoes panfried in duck fat and some veggies for about 150 kr. Must try! 
Keep eating
 1 am and Drottning gatan is completely empty. During daytime it's so packed here
 The sun! I haven't seen the sun for ages up here in the north!
 The Iron Boy, someone gave him some wither clothes 
 Saw some funny stuff in a shop in Old Town, this place was called VIC "very Important Clothes"

 Hallwylska museum
 Birds! So much birds! 
 Swedish museum of history

Ice Bar in Stockholm, pay 150 krones to get in that includes 1 drink 

I wonder how I pulled through all those years in Finland with the winter darkness? The sun goes up around 9.30 am and just past 3 pm it’s starting to get dark again. This has been a very poor winter and there is no snow. Making it even more dark…and wet / rainy. Awful…Missing the sun now and hot South East Asia temperature already. One more week to go and then Shanghai...