Thursday, August 29

A weekend to Shanghai - Whiskey Expo!

Loads of things happening in Shanghai so that's where I'm headed next. After sleeping the jet-lag away 2 days it's time to hop on the speed train again and go south 1300 km. Lately almost ALL the flights from Beijing airport have been late so taking the 5 hour bullet train is about the same as flying. Besides the 3G work well and most seats have a charger for laptop. And price, only 555 rmb one way. 

Hazy and polluted most of the way between Beijing and Shanghai. I really wonder how healthy can it be to eat what is grown on these fields when the air constantly looks like this...?
 Moving 300km/h
 Weird sculptures on the way, someone had too much time....
 Shanghai's annual whiskey exhibition!

 Exhibition was held in Royal Meridien. Got us in for free !
 These are all the brands you can try here, almost everyone of them are single malt ageing 8, 12 or 15 years
 One of the better ones 

 Also gotta try new stuff...

 Japanese whiskey was not good

 Probably the most popular in Chinese clubs, Chivas Regal

Back to the EAST! Beijiiiiiing!

2.5 months since I came to Finland, now its time to go back to the east and look for new challenges and opportunities. It's been so relaxing and great to see many old friends and relatives, haven't been this long home since 2008...Thank you Mom & Dad for taking care of everything!

The trip back was about 30 hours long. First Helsinki - Amsterdam with a 3h transfer time. Then Amsterdam - Hong Kong with 10 hour transfer time, giving me enough time to go out of the airport and see the city. Then Hong Kong - Beijing with a delayed flight....When arriving in Beijing after sleeping around 2 hours I was a real wreck.

Amsterdam cheese, one of the best kinds! 
They dont give stamps at Hong Kong airport anymore, just a little paper piece. If I took it off no one would know I ever came in...Is this thing because of Edward Snowden when he was sheltered here and more might show up?
One of those really misty Hong Kong days, could not see the ground from the plane before it was 10 seconds from landing. Was too exhausted and tired to take anymore photos of the city...

Wednesday, August 14

To Estonia AGAIN

For another day-cruise to Estonia in the wonderful weather with Jones and Oscar! It was seriously sunny and 26-28 degrees the whole day. Probably one of the best summer days in history! We just went straight to Pirita beach after the ferry. In the heat I fell asleep and then we somehow got late for the ferry back to Helsinki. Had to buy an extra ticket with another ferry that left 1h later...Luckily we made it to that. 

Byebye Helsinki
Boat was packed!
Ensi puraisu
The power of 3 
Viking Line XPRS
It's rare that u have to que this much in Finland :)
Gorgeous Christian 
Cool museum
Pirita beach
boys went swimming
Laters Tallinn

And back with Tallink

Boys are back in town

Monday, August 5

Out sailing with the guys

Thanks Niko for the nice sailing around Helsinki! Weather was perfect and so was the 

NJK - The Drumsö harbour

 Our boat, a classic H boat model. One of the most normal ones you see
 Skipper was lost for a bit, but since we are all good swimmers, it did not matter
 Navigating turned out to be quite easy
 Rain was incoming but somehow we managed to pass it
 Finland sails
 Looking for girls, saw nothing
 And sun is about to set, really beautiful the archipelago 
 Drumsö, Stefan, you live there!
 Back at shore after a few hours, cover up the boat and sails
 And another beautiful day has passed