Monday, December 11

Getting Shanghaied!! Happy 100th birthday Finland !

Oh how I missed China in some ways after moving to Tokyo...After all this was where I "grew up" and had my first full-time job. Coming to Shanghai back in 2007 as an exchange student changed everything! Best decision ever. It's strange to think that it's over a decade ago. China has changed SOOO much it's mind-blowing. There are almost no small crappy looking buildings left in this city compared to 10 years back. Things have become 3x more expensive and rents 10x more expensive. The RMB has also incresed in value about 40%. The Pudong skyline is even bigger than before although when I first arrived it was a WOW moment because I've never seen so many high-risers before.

We had a reunion together with the best of men while also celebrating Finlands 100th indepencence day. One could not ask for better friends that I've found in China in the past few years. You guys are like family!

Arrived! First day the pollution levels were up in almost 200 and could really feel it when breathing but next morning was good...But it didn't last long. Sore throat, eyes and nose from the weekend. View from Pullman hotel, stayed nearby the train-station so I could head down to Ningbo with James for a day 
First lunch in Shanghai, best pasta in the world @ Wagas! Went to walk around our old compound and area where I lived over 2 years and much of my time in Shanghai. 
 Duck anyone? 
 Our old fruit market still here Fred! 
They now added gates to the compound, good idea because getting the car parked here was a huge mess before 
 My flay from 2011 on 7th floor, great memories from this place! 
 Some food outdoors in the freezing polluted winter? Maybe not
 Hongqiao train station, soooo much people. Incredible how China has made these train networks and massive stations. 
 Maybe grab some hard liquor and an umbrella on your train? 
 Here we go bullet train 
 William was a happy boy :) Thank you James for the hospitality 
 Out with Omega & Laoban 
 Coming back to Shanghai took a while. Subway and taxi station was VERY clogged. But once arriving at our hotel we were quite happy with our room view!! 
Hello Pudong! 
 Night time was almost better without the greyness! 
 First night to some of the old favorites, Sichuan Citizen followed by Liquid Laundry, Dada & Mansion 
Some drinks at Dada
And good techno at Mansion! How I love this place 

Found this smoking cart in the night, cool down? 
Breakfast at the hotel was fantastic! If you stay in Shanghai do book the W. View is a killer and during summers the pool parties must be amazing here. 
Saturday was the big day we all prepared for! Independence party started at 6 pm at the Fairmont Peace hotel but pre-drinks started in my room already. Finland 100 year! Hoorraay! 

The best of men!! My family in the east, SKÅL!  
Let the big 100 party begin Shanghai! 
From Tokyo, Bangkok, Yangon & Stockholm to Shanghai
 Damn we had some good times in China guys!! 
The view from Peace hotel was pretty magical too. Wish they would have lighted up the screens with a Finnish flag :) 
 Live band was sent from Finland playing, food was great and drinks alike. Everyone was in a fantastic mood and the 380 Finns that were there partied till late 
The "old" Yongkan lu is closed for drinking busines, instead the whole thing is moved to Julu lu 158. So nice and new! During summer this is where you would find me 
All the old classic still here 
Hail to Shanghai 
Some fine cocktails DEUS
Stay classy 
Sunday morning was gorgeous for a while before another thick smog layer set on the city 
Organ house? 

North Bund walk 
Walking around the area we lived in 2013, lovely housing 
Chop chop 
Stayed a night at Westin, great food great location and Sunday's they have a free flow champagne 
Room had a perfect bath view
Our old apartmetn 8th floor yellow building in the back 
A walk down Nanjing East many things come to my mind when here. From the first time coming here to driving a scooter down down the lane or just coming back to the flat passing by here 

Sunday, December 10

Tokyo Chill

Just a few days home before big holiday with the guys and celebrate Finland's 100th independence day! But before that just taking it easy home and celebrate something else...

Good to be home to this view! ! Missing the hot summer on the sofa 
 Monas dad birthday dinner with some Brazilian BBQ, yum! This place has fantastic steaks and all sorts of meat. Tons of high quality salads also available and a massive parmesan cheese to dig from. 
 Chop chop! Choose your weapons, lot of meat will be served now! 
Cheesy! Grab yours 
 Spiders in Roppongi, you can find this big guy by Roppongi Hills tower 
 Had a nice tuna bowl at office by our chef, she makes so nice food for us everyday :) 
 Goodbye blue skies, next few days are gonna be in the old home of Shanghai! Missed that place and it's a year since setting foot on Chinese soil. It's also going to be my first trip to China as a tourist.