Sunday, April 22

Back in the Scandinavian Capital

So much nicer to come here in April than January...It's not dark anymore or -10 degrees outside. Fred took me out to some of the best pizza & burgers I ever had. Was great seeing you buddy!

Woke up the first morning very early with jetlag and went for a 2 hour plus walk around Old Town. Been here so so many times but still is as beautiful

Still remember when I first tome crossed here, looking for our office and going for my interview. It's almost exactly 4 years ago now BioGaia
800 degree pizza! 
 Flipping burgers, it's a must try here 
 Blood red sunrise at 6 am 
 About 1 year ago since the terror attack in Stockholm. The day i WALKED to the airport with my bag. Nice workout 
 City still sleeping, and so is the wind 
 The angry carpenter, what a name to choose 
 Gröna Lund 
 Kungsbron reflections 
 The Iron boy by the Finnish Church in old town, he got some clothes now during winter 
 The iconic two 
 Stortorget, fountain 
Love this office view 
So many shades of grey 

Saturday, April 21

A night in Finland

Flew back to Helsinki and was lucky enough to get upgraded to business. Trip always feel so short this way!

Straight to roadhouse for some kebab and then we played Xbox until I was so tired eyes could not keep open anymore. What a perfect day :)

I decided that IF I get upgraded to business, then it's always champagne 
 Good to touch down in HELLsinki 
 Hello leipis! The so far best kebab nearby I know, not that I would risk to try others :) 

Something about this lonely tree, just how I sometimes feel. Doing my own thing and some people don't really get it 
 Next stop: Stockholm! 

Friday, April 20

Yamanashi - Wineries and Sakura

Rented a car and drove about 100 km east of Tokyo to the highlands to a prefecture called Yamanashi. In Yamanashi they they grow a lot of cherries and peaches. They also have huge wineries but almost all of the wine is used for domestic consumption. Not many have ever tried Japanese wines right?

The sakura you see here in the highlands was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Just stare and admire the falling petals with all your loved ones around. Cannot describe the true happiness one feels!

Pretty nice view from the Ginza Crest hotel at 34th floor. Houses as long as the naked eye can see. On a clear day I guess you should be able to see Mt. Fuji from here, hopefully next time. 
 Home! The fluffy sakura :) I really love Tsukuda! 
 Tiny Riiiiick! Let's go for a roadtrip 
 Marimekko came to Japan with a BIG bang. Working together with UniQlo and getting this much visibility all over Japan is pretty amazing 
 First stop in Yamnashi was this winery, also lunch 
 Grab a glass and start drinking, I mean tasting....
 Pretty nice lunch view 
 Should vote this as the best Sakura spotting parking lot 
The highlands 
 Whole family getting a sakura petal rain 
 WINE! Lots of wine! 
 If there is any station you ever want to get stuck at during this time of the year, this would be the one. One of the most beautiful things I've seen in my 34 years 

 Kaj was also liking the first day without a jacket 
 Just 3 ladies watching a sunset 

 Sakura tree of life. This was something. Also voted top 3 place in whole of Japan to see Sakura 
 If you are in Japan then a lunch or dinner is a must here, just next to Tokyo tower. Does not get more traditionally Japanese than this! Tofuya Ukai Tsuki 

 Up in Tokyo tower at 150 meters enjoying a coffee with a view 
 Long way down 

 You know you are in Tokyo when few times per day if you walk outside some Mario karts pass by 
 Last night my dear brother was here we went for a "few" beer and probably ate half a cow at the buffee BBQ restaurant next door. 
 They opened a new hotel chain in Tokyo called Henn na Hotel. They work entirely with robots. Creepy! The "receptionists" blink and start talking to you when you come closer. Hello future....
 Some fine noodles at Bairan! They bake it in a cool way. 
All things come to an end. Even the good ones...Sakura season for 2018 is over now, see you next year again