Sunday, November 19

Cebu & Lenchon pork!

Down to south of Philippines to this wonderful little island! One of the most delicious things you can get in Cebu is Lenchon Pork! Lenchon pork is a BBQ:ed crispy pork that is soooo good. And with chili soy sauce makes it even better! Probably ate a bit too much pork but hey when in Rome...

The launch party was amazing in Cebu too, full house and fantastic Flotera show.

Good morning Cebu! 
Having some Halo-Halo, the local dessert yummy
 Event booked in a Vegas like Casino called Waterfront 
Won about 100 dollars while waiting for my colleagues on roulette
 Candy buffet for our participants

 Getting the room and stage ready 
 Our awesome team 
 Victory craft beer at Baguio brewery
 What a cool neighbourhood...

 Night market! Soooo much good food 
Ribs anyone? 
Choco banana
Yazki has amazing BBQ
 Paris in Cebu 
 Park Mall Lenchon pork is the best! 
I presented ProDentis for the Cebu periodontal society 
 Went out to Crimson resort for dinner, amazing sunset 

 5 am morning, time to finally go home! Goodbye Cebu, what a fantastic few days it was 
 Fly time!
 Over Manila, is this Manilas way to say goodbye? 

Wednesday, November 15

Back in Manila

Again to Manila! This time a launch of our drops for babies. And what a launch it was!! Attendance 410 doctors and show was spectacular. First time I came to Manila didn't like it to much but after getting to know so many awesome places and people here it's become one of my favourites. Best western food in whole Asia can be found here! And they have an IHOP!

Hello sunny and warm Manila! 
Wine anyone? 
 Dinner with the team 
 The crying cookie but Flotera saves 
 First presentation in Manila on colic by Dr Cabana 
 We had a full house with 410 doctors attending to listen 
 Heeeeelp we need a hero for all the crying children..!! 
 Big & Small baby 

Monday, November 13

Halloween in Tokyo

So nice to be home for 2 weeks! Halloween time in Tokyo is something you have to see at least once. The customs are veeery elaborately made and streets are packed with monsters and what not. Shibuya crossing is where you want to be Halloween night :)

Walking home from the office on a fine day. It's like Finnish high summer ar 22 degrees and already end of October 
Rex-ing Tokyo 
This guys was featured in the news next day 

NEON Shibuya 
We had some family Halloween parties as well and this handsome vampire showed up 

Saturday night we went out with a bigger group 
Joker taking over Tokyo 
Happy Halloween from Toyko! 
Found this picture on my phone next day. No memory or idea but a creepy costume :D
My 2 beautiful prisoners 
Crime: Won't sleep 
No other than Tokyo! You find these cool retro games all over Akihabara 
Henkka, the Ramen is waiting for you 
Been having some fine sunsets last few nights but this was by far the best