Wednesday, February 21

City of Angels - Bustling Bangkok!

Saw a sign at the airport wishing me welcome to the city of angels. I dunno if that really goes for Bangkok but really happy to be back! Some 30 degree and dry sunshine everyday. Just as I like it...

Good morning Bangkok for 30th floor. Pollution levels sure have gone up in the last 10 years here!! 
 Pickup service 
 Probably the best thing with this city is the thousands and thousands of massage parlours EVERYWHERE. You can come in for a few euros 1 hour foot massage at anytime. Perfect after a work meeting but before work dinner. 
 A dinner in the dark with my awesome team, turn the lights off and senses on! 
God Save the King as it would be called here 
 Motorbike taxi is the way to make sure you always get on time to all meetings! Now also on Uber, costs almost nothing and tons more fun than sitting in a car. I was warned that it's dangerous but these guys drive really good! 
 The only Thai food I had this week, nothing beats a Pad Thai
A truck of coconuts, only 12 baht each! 
 City of Angels from above! Marriott has a fantastic rooftop bar. 
 And probably the creepiest clown in town....Ronald by Asoke station McDonals 

Monday, February 19

Good to be home Tokyo

Feels like the India tour took forever, I can't remember when I was at a long trip like this before. So glad it's done...Just chill home a few days now and spend time with the lovely family :)

Ginza Abbey Road 
Love the street art ad mahole art all over Japa! Found our house on this nice little paining on a bridge in Ginza. "Chuoku Ohashi - Chuoku area Big Bridge"
It was meat day at Mos Burger...Patties were steaks and inside was beef and chicken with some sauce. Not the best burger I ever had but a nice try 
It is sometimes LIVE performance. Sometimes...
Happy little man 
Small Tsukishima alleys 

Sunday, February 18

Pune launch - Where Gandhi lived

Our 6th and final city for the launch tour was Pune, about 200 km south east of Mumbai. Never been to Pune before and honestly I didn't even know it even existed....But after the launch we had a few hours time to explore the city before heading to the airport and finally head back home to Tokyo.

Went to see Shaniwar Fort, Pataleshwar cave and Aga Khan Palace where Ghandi was kept prisoner. The 1400 old cave was really cool, it was a mountain that had been carved out to be a Hindi temple. Never really seen anything like it before. But coming all the way to Pune for just 3 sights as a tourist I dunno. Still, awesome new experience :) GO INDIA! Will be back soon again.

The last launch event ! What a trip it's been and so many new people met 

A beer in the sunset 
Went out for a walk and caught the sun 
Looking out over the city, pretty polluted here 
Pretty nice rooftop at Sheraton here 
Reflections in the night were something out of the Green Goblins house 
Really cool carved out cave and temple, must visit here! Pateleshwar Caves

Killer tree
Ghandis prison at Aha Khan could have been worse...

Free water dispenser at the museum, looks clean. Hope the little boy will be ok 
 The gate of gates! Old burnt down Shaniwar Wada Fort 

Keep out! Message received 

Friday, February 16

Mumbai launch

The biggest event during these 6 presentations. Indias financial capital! We had by far the most attendants here closing 350. This was also a trip airport - hotel - car, drive to Pune. Can't say that I really saw anything except for on the road to Pune 200km. But not in best of terms with the city after giving me a bad food poisoning in 2014.

BioGaia Airways!! Our products have landed in India. Cool short clip our partner made 
 Night swim? 
 Indian version of Yggdrasil 
 Mumbai team 
 Not good, not good at all 
Glass swords in the roof 
 Driving to Pune...maintenance of Indian houses just doesn't exist 

Thursday, February 15

India launch tour vol.2 - DELHI

Time to head north to continue our tour in Delhi. Didn't do anything else than airport - hotel - airport. Air was too polluted anyway to go out and PMI was a staggering 280. Like those bad winter days in Beijing before. Pretty amazing team I have set in Delhi now! Looking forward to come back soon again and maybe see a bit more of the city.

Pullmans airport hotel roof wasn't bad at all. Gym great too! If you don't plan on going to the city stay here. 
 Team Delhi! 
Buckle up! Flight to Mumbai got cancelled and it was a bit of hassle to get a new one. Had to change terminal in a hurry but made it. This taxi had it all figured out...

Tuesday, February 13

Few days of sunny Singapore

Since I didn't wanna stay in India for almost a 2 weeks stretch I thought might as well get some work done in Singapore while waiting for the launch tour vol. 2 would begin. It's a year now until the Singapore move...Time flies, FAST.

2 days of sunshine and laksa did wonders after India! And no honking :)

What better way to start the day than street food at Old Airport road? 

 Catching up with old friends! Awesome dinner again, thank you 
 When you wake up very early and sun just coming up...
 Lunch with these guys, Dimsum never goes wrong! Yumyum
 And what have we here...
 Getting ready for Chinese New Year in the mall 
 Under the boardwalk 
 Roaring Merlion 
 Amazing IPA craft beer at Newton food court 
 Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple in Little India 
 One of those skyliones you never get tired looking at