Saturday, September 23

Amazing Tokyo and Ultra Festival

Been so nice in Tokyo for 2 weeks. The taifoons left some improvement for the weather with grey skies and rain for many days. Ultra Tokyo was arranged in Odaiba quite close to us and Porter Robinson's gig was amaaazing. Overwhelmingly much memories from his last gig in Beijing 4 years ago hit me. Oh what a journey it's been since then.

September 1st also put a milestone in my life, it's exactly 10 years since I left for Shanghai as an exchange student. What a little kid I was back then! Pretty much my whole adult life has been in China + other places than home. What a rollercoaster ride it has been and met so many amazing people and memories. You guys rock who I met on the way!! Best decision I've done in my life by far.

Some amazing sushi at Midori Sushi. Line is usually 1-3 hours but it's worth it :) 

How I mostly see things and feel 
Need to go drive these karts one day! 
Freedom in Odaiba! 
Love going for runs in the hot sunshine
Sunset in Harumi 
Home sweet home 
They still sell records! 
Incoming taifoon...
Good night Tokyo 

Feeling like a tourist every time I come to Shibuya 
First tourist picture of Hachiko, the faithful dog who waited for his master 
Get a Yukata, looks like Archer 
Lunch at Shangri-la hotel is amazing both the food and view 
Had my first bucket of KFC. But, no sauce except ketchup in Japan ?!? But they have beer
Halloween is coming 
Nice sunset with a halloween donuts in my hand and some ice coffee 
Ultra Japan! Porter was by far the best show 
Main stage had some impressive lights 
Venom &....? 

Tokyo the airport and next stop for me: Pakistan - Lahore 

Friday, September 8

Belissima Italy!

Been to Italy many many times but this was the first time to the south. Was so cool to see my bro from Beijing getting married in the streets of Monopoli. Those nights at Juicy Fruit, Vicks and cooking at Seasons Park feel so so distant. Amazing that you met your wife when we were out having a blast in Berlin 6 years ago!

Was quite the journey to get from Copenhagen to Bari...Limited flights going there with the limited time I had: Copenhagen - Brussels - Rome (5 hour sleep) - Bari. Arrived 9 am at Bari airport and straight to the wedding by car. Had been traveling about 12 hours with maximum of 5 hours sleep. Who needs a beer? I can't thank you enough Ruggiero for driving me. Had 3 coffees at the airport because sooo good. Nothing! beats Italian coffee
Second time in my life taking RyanAir. Was actually much better than I thought! NO issues, bag arrived in time, no waiting to check in and just smooth and 50 euro. 
Finally here! Small gorgeous alleys of Monopoli. Was even 1 hour early, time to stroll around. 

1,5 hour ceremony in German & Italian, really interesting priest 
 Congrats bro!! 
Escape vehicle :) 
 1 hour snack time & drinking before picture taking 
 Nice little place rented! 
 Picture time, looking good! 

 After picture time, we had few hours to drink and chill before a bus would pick us up and take us out to a farm for the dinner and party. 
 The farm was fantastic, traditional Italian with farm animals and own cheese + olives 

Olives in the sunset 
 Thanks for having me :) 
 I probably don't need to say that I are waaaaay tooooo much. Could have rolled all the way back to Tokyo after this night. 
Best mozarella I EVER had 
We were about 60 people, great crowd! 
 After party...bus was suppose to pick us up at 1 am but in Italian time that was more like 3 am
 Breakfast of kings next morning...and 4 coffees 
 Thank you Ruggiero for the sightseeing in Polignano, can't wait to come back next May again. 
 Cave Dining 
 Into the mouth of madness we go 

 Game of Thrones? 

 Polignano streets 

 One of the biggest caves in the world - Castellana Grotte. About 4 kilometers lond at about 60 meters depth. Must see if you are in Bari