Thursday, May 24

In the capitol, Delhi!!

This time the city wasn't polluted at all and sky was "almost" blue. The ITC hotel in Delhi was fantastic! Had 3 hours time to walk around the city before heading to work. Decided to go check a tomb just next to the hotel and see the Lodi Gardens next to it. Not disappointed with my choice! The place was gorgeous and gardens were a perfect place for some quietness away from all the honking and noises.

Majestic reception at the hotel 
 At least I'm not totally alone on a Sunday evening 
 Delhi is greener than you might think 
 King Ashoka who got tired of war and told everyone to follow the way of buddha and peace. Good man! 
 Not sure if my coffee or weather was hotter at 43 degrees. Good morning Delhi 
 Muhammad Shah Sayyid's tomb in Lodi gardens
A bird on tomb guard for Muhammad
 Shish Gumbad mosque 
And right across Shish you can find Bara Gumbad. The blue tiles on top of the entrance makes it look different than all other tombs. Love the colouring
 Sikandar Lodi tomb
Working hard or hardly working guard? He not gonna do much if anyone decided to do something not allowed here. Like the many stupid graffiti or market pen texts written on these old gorgeous historic landmarks. Who does that??? 
Där vi en gång gick 
Gorgeous! Safdarjung Tomb really was a sight to see! Entrance for tourists about 3 euro and locals 0,10 cents 
A wall around whole tomb still standing. The details in it is fascinating 
 Scorching, in for a dip after 3 hours walk in the heat 
 Delhi team really knew their science. Was fun to have a 4 hours training session with you guys
 Back at the airport again. It's funny what Indians think that China and Taiwan looks like when it's basically the same thing. And of course, the Americans. This was at Air Indians lounge in Terminal 3 

Wednesday, May 23

Scorching Hyderbad

Sun is shining and it's 40 degrees! Hyderbad is dry so it feels as if someone would point a hairdryer at you and keep shooting, when outside. I don't know what I caught in Mumbai or on the way from Mumbai to Hyderbad but in the evening my voice was suddenly gone. It wasn't really ideal to present next day for 3 hours without being able to speak normally but discussion was good.

We also spent 1 day visiting hospitals to hear some feedback on our products. Was my first time to visit Indian hospitals. The private hospitals were actually much nicer than I had expected. So nice to see our products on their shelves. 3 years I worked on getting them here and here we are now! Milestone achieved.

The Hyderbad team 
The yellow baby came a long way. All the way from Lund-Stockholm-Helsinki-Tokyo-Hong Kong-Mumbai-Hyderbad. Got some miles out of that :) 
We can celebrate the calm now. Sample box to give out 
Lunch place had pretty cool ceiling lights 
Awesome dinner with the core team 
 Visited my first Indian brewery, their special beer was interesting and a bit smoky. Don't expect to spend a late night here thought, they close down at 22:30. 
 Can you find me? 
Went to check pharmacies here and there that they have stock. 
Just a few kilometers outside the center 
 Fieldwork with these smily guys 
 I also saw the Charminar, at least a replica of it 
 Lot of temples in India, this one found randomly outside a clinic. Balaji Temple
 A moment to relax in the scorching sunset 
 Cables, honking, the random fruit dudes, squatters, traffic, scorching sunset. That's Hyderabad! 
 Heading north....Next stop the capital, Delhi! 

Tuesday, May 22

Namaste Mumbai

After about 16 hours of travel I finally got to the hotel. No straight flights from Tokyo to the Indian cities so takes a while. Spent a few nice hours in Hong Kong though.

Hotel next to the airport in Mumbai was very cool, love the design and architecture. Food amazing here too, warmly recommend the ITC by airport if you don't plan on anytihng in the city.

We had a good 1 days training with the super energetic Mumbai team. Very happy to have so many nice new people in my team :)

ITC by airport has a very cool courtyard
Team Mumbai! 
 We had some photo time and selfies were taken by the people who attended. Haha I don't know what whitening setting he used but pretty hilarious picture
Gridlocked traffic, you don't wanna get stuck in Mumbais rush hours 
Short 24 hour stay...heading to where it all began, Hyderbad.

Monday, May 21

Ain't got time for you jetlag!

Flight back to Tokyo and 48 hours there...Luckily Kaj had school today so could take a short nap after coming back. One long haul per month is maybe a bit much, specially in coach.

Picking up Kaj from the kindergarten was so good after a week gone!! Came running to my arms like the happiest person you've seen. Best feeling ever.

Sun is shining and Tokyo is giving it's best. Dry winds and 25 degrees, really don't feel like leaving so soon. Heading out to far away lands to India next.

Lovely lovely home 
 First time I went for some revolving sushi in Tokyo, about time. Really cheap too for the quality you get 
Kaj saying hi to the dog 
 A Mario Kart passed by, still need to go and do this during this summer. Probably the best picture I have so far, snapped it from my colleagues van white they were driving down Shinagawa main street. 

Sunday, May 20

Warm Pellinge!

A very strange but amazing start to the summer. Mid of May and Pellinge is 25 degrees. Last year at this time it was snowing! After a busy week in Swiss was great to come and relax for a day at the cottage before flying back to Japan. So beautiful out at the sea with no wind, I don't think I ever seen the sea this calm before. Hoping that the summer would be as amazing when whole family is here.

 Stopped by to pick some flowers at my aunts place, beautiful old house dating 100 years back! 

 First ice cream of the summer! Yum yum, waiting for the ferry 
Not a trouble in the world when here in the quite hermit land 
 Food always taste better outdoors in good company
 Not a complete Saturday without sauna 
 Infinity sea
This lighthouse usually sees a lot of heavy sea, today not a wave in sight. Not even a gust of wind. Amazing. 
 Wish I could just lie there tanning for a few days in the heat sipping champagne 
 Vivid colors in the night!! 
 The world is a beautiful place