Monday, May 30

Here & there around Tokyo

Been so busy with planning the wedding, school, work and moving that haven't really had time to write much. But some pictures from the last 2 weeks! 

Found the source of evil in Shinagawa 
K.O, Shinjuku got the best out of this guy 
Gay Pride in Shibuya 
Soooo good burgers at Shakeshack 
Mario Kart around the city. Have to go and try this! 
Had a beer at Kawaii Monster Cafe again 
Park Hyatt - Lost in Translations skybar 
Love the clear blue mornings 
Good food ahead! 
Amazing Sushi at Hagihara in Ginza 
Suicide safe hotel
 Afuri ramen is one of the best you can have in Tokyo 
 Found some of our products in the store, very well placed....

Thursday, May 19

Disney Sea - Feeling like a kid again

Busy busy week with work, school, prepare the wedding, prepare moving to a new apartment all at the same time. And also need to get a bed + all stuff for the new apartment. Can't suggest to anyone to take on this much things to do at the same time.

Timeout! Chill-out on Sunday at Disney Sea to escape reality :) Park was really crowded on a Sunday but weather was perfect!

Ship ahoy! 

 Journey to the center of the earth. Great roller-coaster and the volcano shoots fire once in a while. Didn't manage to capture it this time. 
 Ariels world
 Hover on the water 
 Few water shows every day
This guy...For some reason Duffy is incredibly popular in Japan. I had never even heard about the character so had to Google him up. Turns out that Duffy was something Minnie gave to Mickey for his long journey. Disney Sea marketed it suuuper aggressively and it became a massive hit. You see people all over Disney Sea carrying around big and small Duffy toys. Only in Japan - link
 Aladdins home 
 Look at our flying carpet! 
 15th anniversary of Disney Sea 2016, limited edition 
 Newest ride, Toy Story Mania in Toyville. A cart takes you around a track while you wear 3D glasses and shoot moving targets 
Pretty in the night 

Monday, May 16

Weekend in Yokohama

The whole week has just been gorgeous! Pre-summer with 25 degrees and spotless sky. Can't imagine how dirty and polluted it was all those years in China before. Life quality suddenly got 100x better.

We went to Yokohama for a beer festival and walk around the old "foreign area" where foreign settlers had their own area about 100 years ago. Mostly villas and nature around this place. Cemetery of foreigners is open for visit during weekends.

Yokohama port 

Does not look like a very friendly spider but who knows 
 Get out of busy Tokyo and take a walk in the forest 
Villas are still very well kept. This was home of a British trader who also worked as the ambassador of Finland. Random...

 The garden for these villas has been kept in mint condition 

 Foreign cemetery 
 A blue eyed cat was hiding behind one of the stones 
 Like in the Crow movie? 
 This clinic really needs to think of a new name 

 This guy had plenty of dogs 
 Yokohama seaside
 Get a part time job from Vanilla
 German spring opening beer party 


 So nice place! 
 Also passed by Chinatown in Yokohama. It's like a clean version of China :)