Monday, November 16

The smog is back in Shanghai

Again one of those really short stays in Shanghai..Did not really have much time to do anything. Wash clothes and pick up stuff from the dry cleaners. Do a set of gym. Repack and back to the airport...Manila & tropical heat we come again! Happy I only had to stay very short time in Shanghai because the pollution has become really bad. It's always the same when winter comes...All power-plants are turned on and the result is massive smog all around the northern and middle parts of China. Why is this? Because they all run on coal and much filter is used to keep the air clean. Was even wearing a mask in the office. Getting mentally ready for Fallout 4 :))

Smog so bad that visibility is only a few hundred meters. No, this is not mist, it's pollution. Taken from Pudong while going to the airport early morning. 
 Can't even see the sun, it's orange...Sky is gone. I miss the blue!! 
Pollution sucks! Back in Europe you could never imagine how bad it can get here. Someone at the office didn't seem to think it was bad at all, notice the open window behind me. 
Out for a beer at Perrys in the evening...Haven't been here for ages 

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