Sunday, March 31

Goodbye beaches and sun

It's been an amazing month travelling all over south Asia. It's gonna be be difficult to go back to Beijing where it is a lot colder, air is bad and there are no beaches or things like here in the tropic. Internet will be blocked and slow again but that's just something to live with. Thanks to everyone on the way who dined and sheltered me :) 

Last night in Phuket. All you can eat BBQ for less than 10 euros. Ribs, steaks, salad, sauces etc etc. YUM! 

Some last days pictures. Huge Mosque in Lavender - Singapore
 My favorite fruit stand, they make any kind of fresh fruit just, sell a lot of different fruits and have amazing ice cold coconuts!
Spent almost whole day by the pool, only company I had was this bird washing himself
 Sunny and 34 degrees....awesooooome

Saturday, March 30

Patong and Karon

Phuket is quite a big island, driving around it takes about 1-1.5 hour by bike. This time I only went as far as Rawai from Patong which is about 20 km away. Had a Swedish night there with meatballs and potato mash....haven't had that for ages! 

Hills overlooking Karon Beach
Nice views  
My Honda Click bike, rent for 4 days was 600 baht
Found randomly a temple on my way to Karon beach

 Karon Beach, weather got a but cloudy and just after I came home it started raining
 Swedish evening with meatballs, potato mash and lingonberry jam

 Bangla road for some buckets in the evening
 Tower building
@ Grabbarna Grus 

Friday, March 29

Towards Buckets and Beaches!

Thailand here I come again! Roberto moved to Phuket a few months ago and since flights from Singapore are really cheap to Phuket, I got on a plane after a few days chilling in Singapore. Jetstar have pretty good tickets straight flight, they got me the bigger seat without any extra charge too. When I arrived I bought a minibus ticket but there was no bus...after waiting 45 minutes I just took a cab and had to pay 4x the price...

Useless ticket...probably because it is low seasons and I landed after 21.30
Home crib! Very close to the beach and Bangla Road where everything happens
Take your proteins seriously :)
High tech kitchen
Backyard is nice and pool always empty...
Getting some serious tan!!
Patong beach

 On low season now in March there were not too much people either
 Patong gang

It's been between 30-35 degrees everyday and no rain what so ever. Ice cold coconut taste amazing in this weather
Bangla road!!, where dreams come true, phones disappear and you meet the most random people. A lot of "long time tourists" work here by standing outside the clubs from 22-02 and getting people into bars, they get some small pocket money for it so they can manage rent etc. Met so many Scandinavians here doing so and all are about 20-24 years old and have been here for months doing so. The police have been raiding the spots where these workers are and if you are being caught "working" here as a tourist there is a 45 day imprisonment waiting for you. In daytime this street looks just normal, at 18.00 they close it for traffic and it becomes this walking street with bars, girls, ping pong shows etc etc whatever you can and cannot imagine.

Thursday, March 28

Back to Singapore

A few days again in Singapore. Bus ride back wasn't late liek the one from Penang. My passport already has 9 entries to Singapore in just a few months and total of 20 pages left after 1.5 years of use. Anyway, now some gym and pump up for getting in shape before flying to Thailand and party with Roberto! 

Goodbye Malaysia...
....and hello Singapore, again!
Fitness first gym in Marina Bay, great view while doing your workout!
 Port of Singapore, huuuuge
 Days just relaxing by the pool and tanning! 
 Cat sleeping in the middle of the road...reall great choice of place. Must be super hot because it's always 30-34 here!

Tuesday, March 26

Malacca for a day

Malacca (Malaysia) is an old Portugese port city dating back to the 17th century. After the Portugese ruled over it there were also Dutch colonists and later British. Malacca has some of Asia's oldest Dutch buildings so it's quite an interesting place if you like to look at old buildings. The city has stayed intact for a long time and it feels like going back in time here as well as it did in Penang. Arriving to Malacca takes about 4 hours from Singapore, it's only 230 km away and is pretty cheap by bus. Malacca is quite small, you will see everything in the city center in a few hours and then thats about it. there is a small fort called St. John's just 3km out of downtown but that's pretty much it. More than 1 or 2 nights is not needed to stay here. 
There are 2 parts of downtown, Little India and China town

 Xaviers Church which was packed on a Sunday
 The river that flows through the city

 Maritime museum which was one of the most lousy ones I have ever been only looks good from the outside but inside nothing really to see. 
This was pretty much the only thing to look at inside
 Just outside downtown some unfinished jetty
 Top of the hill the oldest Dutch buildings in Asia
 St. John's old fort
Biggest Chinese cemetery outside of China. Someone important got himself a pretty cool grave

East side of Malacca
 Home-stay hotel, only 25 euro a night and breakfast was included
 Hotel living room....
Breakfast at hotel
Loads of different religions here too
Jonker Walk street
Chinese temple

Jonker Street, super crowded from morning to night! 
Bars by the river, cool place to have a drink in the night 
Town Square

 Boat rides on the river leave every 10 minutes