Wednesday, November 4

Shanghai for 3 sleeps

It was one of those short stays again in Shanghai. Enjoying what little is left of the summer. I'm going to miss driving around with the scooter on sunny warm days with slippers and shorts...The coming months will be blegh. There is no internal heating in the houses in Shanghai. If the temperature is 0 degree outside it is also 0 degree indoors. It's like the concept of insulation hasn't reached this city. Wonder why...Because I BET that EVERYONE who lives or ever has lived in Shanghai during the winter will think it IS cold. Maybe it's just enjoyable to be cold for 4 months to most of the people? Dunno...Anyway, not looking forward to the time from November - April.

This was still on Singapore airport but I thought it was a hilarious name for a restaurant 
 View from my room
After being gone for over a week from the office it's nice to find all these products I ordered online. Why do I love China?  Taobao! 
 Leaving the office just after 6 pm and sun is setting...Quite polluted as well 
 Gym time! Found some Craze on Taobao, time for a heavy workout
 It's here!! 
 Had to go fix some stuff on my bike again. Here you can fix your bike, make keys, have them open locks and do other reparations. Awesome 
 We went wall climbing in Hong Kou stadium one evening. Was fun although the place isn't very big. Great workout and quite challenging as well. Strength wise it wasn't so much problems but after a while my fingers just didn't want to hold on. Finger power needed. One climb with shoe rental is 50 rmb, go check it out. 

 Christian doing a Tarzan move 

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