Thursday, June 28

Helsinki & Kent

There have a few been good days and many bad days weather-wise this week. Most f the time it's been raining or just grey and boring outside. Yesterday however there were a few hours of nice sunshine but not that warm. At least it's not sweaty hot like back in Shanghai or Beijing. Took some shots from downtown while walking to the harbor. 

Looks like the pot at Shanghai World Expo except color is different
The 3 blacksmiths
The Dom Church in the central square
Some Japanese toursits were feeding the birds, EI NÄIN!
 Shopping street - Alexanders Street
Yesterday KENT was playing in Helsinki! Before the concert we sat by Kauppatori and had some snacks and drinks. It started raining suddenly really heavily and we went into one of the tents and had some fried "muikku" which is a traditional fish to eat in Finland.

Views from Kauppatori aka Market Square
Silja Line
Cheers :)

Ring marked bird!
Heavy rain emptied the streets very efficiently
The Kent concert began at 20.30 but there were also some other bands playing before them. We sat outside having some beers and enjoying the sunshine. The crowd was huge and area nice! They fixed up a huge tent at Hietsu. Music was awesome! Love it!!

Weather was beautiful
Started playing in a small "box"


Sunday, June 24

Midsummer - Hyvää Juhannusta Kaikille!

This is my first midsummer in Finland in 4 years! Midsummer in Finland is all about going out to your or your friends summer cottage. Do some barbecue, go to sauna and finally get smashed by a bonfire! I spent some of the day at our island, then for a drink with Kirkkis and Tomppy followed but a huge fire at Petteris place on Tunnholmen. The weather was perfect and warm! This fresh air is just what I've been needing after dirty Beijing. 

 Thanks Daniel for driving when I was...incapable

 Hammock bought from Phillipines :)
 Baggholmen, this is where I grew up in the summers

 The Pellinge sun goes down but never sets. This is the longest day of the year and it does not get dark

 Thanks for driving me Stefan

Bonfire and party at Tunnholmen:

 The traditional midsummer bonfire "Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko!"

 My shoe melted when I went too close for pictures...
 A wartime torpedo was found outside Tunnholmen after some diving a few years ago. Also a mine which the cost guards took away and blew up. There are estimated about 10.000 mines left from the war in the Baltic Sea. 150.000 was dropped here during the war...
 Mr.Mäkinen! Thanks for hosting a great midsummer!
The next morning the coast guards were hovering with a helicopter above the island clearly looking for something. Wonder what it was...Hope no one had fallen off a boat.

Helsinki! I'm home!

Finally! Twice a year feels like such a short time but always as great to come back home! It had definatley been warmer in China than Finland. When I landed in Helsinki it was 13 degrees and rainy! Not really the summer weather I expected...The floowing day was better and it has been sunny and beautiful skies! So damn blue compared to China! I'm just gonna relax, eat awesome food and meet up with people who I have not seen for a while. I probably lost YOUR number too with my lost phones. You can always leave a message here :)

This was what I came home to, jeeeei....

Homegrown strawberries, nothing beats them!
Ice cream by the beach and nothing gets better
I didn't understnad why asians took pictures of the sky in i do. 
Maitolaituri @ Kaivari. Great salads and coffee with an outstanding view!

The island outside Kaivari, Helsinki Sailing club

The best gold we have in Finland...nature!

Kamppi and Mr. Smiley box

Stockmann - One of the biggest department stores in the city center that go way back in time

Helsinki is now the world Design Capital. I'm also working together with this project from China

Lots of animals in the waiting for the ducks to pass the street so I can continue with the car...

Dumsö sunset...

And a great Pizza feast before the movies. 1L pint + pizza 10 Euros, cheap for Finland  @ Kamppi. If your planning on going to watch Prometeus, think again. There are a lot of better ones showing!