Tuesday, November 30

New Job!!

I just got it confimred that I got a new job!! Yesterday i quit NSN and will have my last day in the office on January the 8th!!
Next year I'll movie to Shanghai and work for Polar Logistics and be responsible for China offices as Regional Manager of China. Should be interesting and more giving than using SAP 9 hours a day like I do now. Polar already got me a apartment in downtown and it will be the company who is paying for it so no big expences to pay for!

Monday, November 29

Armin Van Buuren

Awesome gig this weekend! Armin came to play in Beijing. Was the loudest party I ever been too, the bass was shaking my whole body and after coming out of there I could not hear anything for a while. Next time, earplugs! But was some greeeeeat music :)

Sunday, November 21


There is a traditional Finnish concept called "pikkujoulut". If you translate it it means "Small Christmas", it's basically a party where people get super wasted and next day some are more embarassed than others on what happened... Companies arrange Pikkujoulut for the employees every year, there are always some people "hooking up" and realizing it was a BIG mistake and then those people are the topic of discussion for a while at the office. It's been like this in all the companies I've worked for in Finland...
Well we had a Pikkujoulut party here with some Finns in Beijing. There were Finnish drinks (glögi!), food, candy etc, the only thing we left out was the awkwardness the day after :PThe guys were giving directions to someone who didn't know the place, 3 minds are more than 1, right?

Saturday, November 20

Semmarit @ Beijing

A Finnish band called Semmarit came to Beijing and play. I got a discounted ticket from some people at the embassy and went to see it. Semmarit is a group of 21 guys singing/dancing/making show. Was pretty entertaining, didn't know there was such a thing called Semmarit, and what's the odds that I see it in China?
The Finnish ambassador was also there and I met some other people from all around the world, some of who had been in China for as long as 26 years! They must have seen everything, would love to see photos from here at that time. The also told me there were 3 places to go out at that time, some international hotels where you could have drinks. The foreign population was very limited here at that time...

Friday, November 19

Us Scandinavians

Jeah we love you Sweden, Norway and Denmark :) The Finns are partycrashes with knives !


Italian Cocktail Party

A restaurant in Sanlitun called Aperitivo organized a invitation party for Italians yesterday. The entrance fee was just over 10 euros and for that you could "taste" or drink as much wine and champagne as you wanted. A lot of different super tasty snacks ware also offered. Cheese, olives, Italian ham etc etc. The works!
And after that we went to Xiu and the night went on for quite some time. The always have live music there and the band there this time was awesome. The guy did Eminems song Love the Way You Lie damn well! It was an awesome night until my phone alarm went off at 8:15 and had to go to work...Well thank god it's Friday!There was a really old chinese guy selling handmade stuff made out of grass, we got 2 fireflys :)

Weird stuff you can't find back home

When going to supermarkets here it can be hard to find what your looking for but easy to find what your NOT looking for or would not eat! For example these chicken feet and weird sausages. The chicken feet are bony, no meet, skin and well if you ask me kinda disgusting...People here put a whole foot in the mouth and walk around spitting out pieces of bone and other uneatable things, yfff....(chicken feet are the white things in the bag)

Tuesday, November 16

Miss home...One of those days

I really miss all you people back home along with the food and sauna. Exactly 1 month to go now! I'll arrive @ Helsinki 18.12 afternoon, can't wait...

Monday, November 15

Burning Benz

On yesterdays lunch I manage to forget my camera in my bag. Big mistake! There was a new Mercedes Benz car burning on the highway! Luckily I found the remains of it on my way home from work. Wonder if it was rigged or just accidentally caught fire. The place was crawling with cops so something was up for sure or someone important got injured...I'm also surprised that nobody said NO PHOTOS while I was taking it, or then just didn't notice me.

Sunday, November 14

This and that in the Jing

Last week I manage to catch one of those "autumn" colds that most people get before the winter mixed with my busted chest. Was a perfect combo for Fallout New Vegas though. Just lie home for 1 week playing 50 hours :P Hede, your so gonna love this game! I'm up to level 27/30 now so not much far to go before I'm up for the last mission. But enough of the nerdy stuff.My Tailor been asking me to join for a dinner many times to this time I went out to eat with her and her husband. In the restaurant they kept bringing in dishes after dishes and we were barely able to finish half of them! All this stuff for 5 people...They have 2 kids which is very unusual in China because they have a 1 child policy here. The reason why she was able to have to and get away without paying huge fines is that she she knows the right people in the government who made a 30.000 euro fine into 2000 euros. Gotta love how it works here!

The Tailor shop is located in a place where tourist often go to. Outside this one restaurant they had delicious duck for show! Nam nam, wanna try?And yes, the Subways are mostly packed....New lines are about to open in Beijing in....2015

There was a chinese guy taking pics with his gf, just had to join the photosession...

Sunday, November 7

Attack of the Cabbage

There is a huge shortage of cabbage in South Korea at the moment, people here are getting 3x higher price for exporting them. And now when it's cabbage season in China it's everywhere! Just had lunch and drove to my usual place. On the way there were cabbages everywhere! I should have taken pictures of more but it was hard while driving...I also found the first European can in Beijing. Or at least it has a German plate....Imported or a foreigner living in a Hutong? I doubting the second option since there are no private toilets OR heating system in the traditional Chinese Hutong houses.

A Day in Ikea

All Ikea's over the world look the same. But is it the same? In China people come to Ikea and stay there most of the day sitting in chairs, sleeping in beds and taking pictures of their kids. There was an article where they interview a chinese guy and he said he likes to take his family to Ikea and just hang around there all day and wishes that he could someday afford to make his apartment look like the examples they have in Ikea.
To demonstrate this I took some pics in Ikea...

How about a game of cards with your friends?
Piggy piggy :D
Sleep testing
Playing around with the furniture
Yes, it's ALWAYS crowded in China
Lunch of Kings and Queens

Walking around the block

Took a walk around the block on Sunday, found all kinds of things
A Seba-Hobo was found sleeping by the dried up river...
MMMMmmm, beautiful riverside...
Dried up river...
Lanterns @ Night
The Canadian Embassy
Storage, dusty and dirty
The Western Food restaurant, totally empty....
Abandoned house