Sunday, January 31

High in Shanghai

When I say high in Shanghai some of you might associate it to different kind of plants but that was not what I was referring to. Many years ago after I studied in Shanghai I always wanted to become an expat in Shanghai and live in a skyscraper building looking down at cars that would seem like ants moving around. And now I am! The view from 33th floor on Top of City at Dagulu is amazing! And the morning traffic that passes is busy. Pollution levels been going up and down, you can clearly see the difference between the days. And it so cold indoors!! Even though we keep all the AC's on it's freezing inside! It's got as cold as -7 degrees which is close to a record low. Water pipes were freezing and a lot of people I knew kept complaining there wasn't any water to the house available anymore. 

View from my room on a smoggy day 
 Same view on a more clear day 
Talk about tacky bling bling!! 

 Our office on the 21st floor, not many days left 
 Nice chinglish 
 Gimme money and I'll always smile for you 
 Only in China, the styrofoam collector 
 A bit towards the south side of Puxi 
Endless amount of car commuters 
 We have a pond at our compound 
 Here we go again, welcoming 30 degrees of heat and some delicious Laksa in Singapore

Monday, January 25

Bustling Hong Kong

After being in quiet little Scandinavia it feels great to be back in this place so full of life! Thank you Ophelia & Joanne for the awesome dinner at 1881 Heritage! It's such a coincident that you also happened to be in Hong Kong this weekend Kevin! Just 2 weeks ago we were in Berlin! Was fun to crash a Hong Kong bachelor party in Karaoke, hadn't been for a long time! On Sunday half of Manila is sitting in the streets, it's the only day of the week the nannys have the day off. There are thousands and thousands of them! You will not see anything like this elsewhere. It's like Occupy Central but lasting only 1 day.

The last couple of years I've come to Hong Kong it has always been sunny and nice, now I was out of luck with the weather. Mist, some rain and no sun for the whole week. But it's so much warmer than -10 like it was back home! It's kind of like a Swedish summer here...Was starving after the flight so took a taxi straight Tim Ho Wan for worlds best Dimsum! This restaurant has a Michelin Star but you only end up paying around 15 euro for a fantastic lunch!

Finally back at this wonderful island 
Nathan Road 
 Go ahead, shout 
 A misty skyline of Hong Kong Island 

If you don't wanna take the taxi, bus or subway across then use the boat. Moves all day morning until late

180 degrees 
 That's one big poster 
Old train station clock tower from British times 
 Pillars of reflections 
 Michelin Star dimsum! Belongs to my TOP 10 restaurants I ever been to. And it's very affordable too! If you don't come here while in Hong Kong you miss out on some amazing food 
 Pork BBQ buns, the signature. Was too hungry so finished up the turnip cakes. Egg cake also got a munch of itself 
 Harbour View 
 Love these small food stalls that make fresh juices and other snacks on the spot for take-away
 Mongkok by night 
 Been raining the whole week and it's below, not the warmest weather to swim in but refreshing
 Thanks for the awesome dinner, your all lovely hosts Joanne, Ophelia, Fiona & Ray 
Mega crab, yumyum
 Heritage 1881 look like the tree in Gondor

 Taxi front seat has room for 2 persons 
 Mongkok, Nathan Road 
 Different kind of tacos and some local HK craf beer to get a weekend started 
 At rush hours...squeeze in! 
 Crashed a bachelor party, haven't been at a karaoke for a while
 Saturday night was raining heavily, LKF wasn't as packed as usually.
 A whole wall of mirrors 
 Our little minicrib, hotels in Hong Kong are really expensive...This tiny room is close to 100 euro
 Dubble decker tram, I don't know anywhere else to find one

 We found a club street, without clubs 
Some domestic workers? 

Monday, January 18

Goodbye Europe, it's a white Finland now

5 weeks has passed, for some reason it feels like 3 years ago since I was in Lund. Strange, only about a month passed. Must be something with this ethereal darkness.

I took a time-lapse video how it is to drive in heavy snowfall. Good that we have a SUV that is high enough not to get stuck in the snow. I guess it's gonna take some times again before I see snow. -15 degrees does not even feel cold anymore after getting used to it.

Like always, it would have been good to see more friends but the Christmas holidays really take up a lot of space and time. I'll be back in April again!

Snowstorm! If you look on the right side on the highway you will see other cars that gotten stuck in the snow
Snow, so much snow!!! 
Our backyard has seen better days 
Good workout to clean the yard of this 
 This is how Christmas eve should have looked like, not green and 11 degrees warm
Went to see my flat I still have in Helsinki because a new tenant is moving in. It looks just like before! Kinda felt like moving back in when I came here. Good old Drumsö