Wednesday, November 18

Manila Mayhem

Leaving the pollution feels nice! Sunshine and 30 degrees or just below! This is by far the best season of the year, not too hot at all. During a meeting I was told that there is a new issue at the airport in Manila. Some people at the security / random people at the airport or hotel put a bullet in your bag. When you later pass the security check they will ask money from you or threat with an arrest. And no one, I repeat NO ONE wants to sit in the prison in Manila. Tried to be careful with the bag and seemed to have manage avoiding problems. About this time last year I was boarding a plane in south India that the Pakistanis threatened to blow up. Not sure which one is better or worse, get blown to bits and pieces or rot in a horrible prison. I choose neither. 

Manila Skyline! You really have an awesome place Miguel 

If anyone of you never been to Asia before you probably don't know the "paperwork" when traveling. In every country in Asia except Vietnam I have to fill in a paper. I seriously wonder how many I filled in for China last 8 years. And for China it's not only arrival card but also departure...I know all my passport number by heart. 
It's so awesome to transfer in Hong Kong, dimsum and fried noodles. Cheap too! 
But it wasn't all sunshine. Further away in Makati it looked VERY smoggy. Traffic is REALLY horrible in Manila. 

and not to mention safety in traffic 
Many places still look like this...
Will take maaaaany years before this city gets developed 
Omega had somekinda Spectre event at my hotel 
Breakfast temptations...

 I had no idea that they just completed City of Dreams here! The one in Macao is awesome! Hede, do you remember the water show we went to see there a few years ago? 
 Waiting for a dinner to start at this amazing place 
 Can't take my eyes off you 

 A dental dinner 

 I learned that gambling is legal in Philippines during this trip 
 Out for some drinks in this pool bar. Pretty cool setup, you can go and swim during the party
Had to go a bit outside of the city, found this on the way and stopped to look for a bit. Great idea! Never seen it elsewhere before 

 Drove about 60 km outside of Manila. Please tell me if there are ANY other Starbucks out there with this nice view 
 Volcano valley 

 These small bungalow have an amazing view of the valley, lake and volcano 
 Sam saraaaaaap

You can go inside the volcano, maybe someday in the future. Limited time now. 
 Thanks buddy for all the help again the whole week 
 The mountain was wearing a hat 
Micke, throw me a frikin' bone here 
 Good night beautiful suburbs 
Filippino bling bling 

I often eat the local food wherever I go. And that often involved street food. But now, after about 45 countries and 300 cities I found the BEST street food market ever. Manila, first price goes to you! Taste, variety and prices are fantastic! AND they serve all kinds of booze too. Next time I'll come here every evening.

Lava ice cream 

Now THAT'S some pork!

 Good night Manila, I'll see you again in 2016. 
 Not great to land in a rainly, polluted and cold city....After 30 degrees and sunshine

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