Tuesday, November 3

Food in Singapore with a transfer

Land at Changi, pass customs. Get some cash because I forgot my Singapore currency home. Hop on the subway. Go to Tanjong Pagar. Walk to Maxwells food court. Order loads of yummy fooood! Seriously the street food in Singapore is amazing everywhere. I have NEVER had bad street food in Singapore and it's been many many times. My stomach has never complained either.

After the food went to take a stroll around Ann Siang Hill that is quite busy during weekends. Loads of small bars and restaurants here. Also passed the "Red Dot Art Museum" and went in for a check. This area used to be the customs house of Singapore where opium was traded. It's only 30 years since it was closed, very cool British colonial building. A good few hours set in Singapore if you want to eat well and see some history.

Loads and loads of these small food stalls. And their all amazing! A foodies dream to be here. Cheap too! 
Round 1, a little omelette....
Round 2, the omelette was not enough after a long flight. And what the hell, why not a beer. After all, it is the land of Tiger beer! Their always super fresh and ice cold here! Went to their factory about 2.5 years ago which is somewhere earlier on the blog. 
Some shops closed on a Sunday night 
Left side traffic in Singapore. Line up on the left side 
 This ciy full of hyper modern sky scrapers 

 Red Dot Museum 

 Need much AC? 
 Ann Siang Hills 

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