Monday, December 7

Brothers from different mothers reunion in Shanghai

It's been over a year since we all went out together but now we are at it again! Jussi cam down to Shanghai for a weekend and we went around town. Too much food & beer but damn this was one of the best weekends in Shanghai this year guys!

Pollution got better for a few days, yay! Sunshine and great company

 How to start a good Friday? Burgers & Beer
Went to Suomi Ilta on Friday as well. Every last Friday of the month the Finns in Shanghai gather in Cotton Bar. Everyone got some Xmas presents too
 Went to a gig in Arkham, been wanting to go check the place out since I came here. But we ended up staying only about half an hour, music was awful hiphop mixed dubstep 
Arkham entrance to the underground 
 So we ended up in The Mansion 
Unts unts unts
 Staurday brunch with a liquid diet, IPA's & ALE! 
 There was a bread truck outside the house with a LOT of fried bread. Never seen this guy before 

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