Thursday, February 28

Sven Vähr & Weekend!

Finally a weekend in Beijing! So much happening here when it comes! This Friday Germanys grandfather of all Techno came to Beijing for a gig in Tango. Place was really packed with people and music was great. There was a really good Chinese DJ playing before Sven came, it only started around 2 am and we stayed until 6.30 in the morning. My ears were ringing for about 3 days, next time cannot forget the earplugs home...Thanks again for no permanent tinnitus. 

There will be a Great Wall party in May, not only is Sven coming again but David Guetta will also be there!! Anybody who has a chance to China in May, this would be the perfect time!!

 Lightshow, mist and jam the night away
 Sven pushing 50 and still playing great!

On Saturday I slept most of the night and chilled home watching movies. In the evening just out for a few at "Heavens Super Market". It's a great concept, a supermarket where you can buy any kind of alcohol (and their beer variety is amazing!)for normal supermarket price and then sit down if you want to drink it. This place is ALWAYS packed. Really good place to start the evening and def worth the cheap price. Mostly only packed with foreigners so it is not really a "local" Chinese place. 

Tuesday, February 26

Back to Beijing from AUS

Goodbye sweet and warm Australia! Was such a great place in all ways except for the fact that the flight takes about 14 hours in total + waiting and the airports...Really did not look forward to go back to a cold polluted Beijing where you can barely breath. Also started thinking it's about 8-9 months since I have been to Finland. It's strange how time can pass so fast. In the beginning after I moved to China I missed home a lot more than now. The longer I stayed the less I have been wanting to go back for some reason.

Did a good deal of miles in Tasmania, and add another 500 km in Melbourne on left side traffic!
"My" awesome Subaru 

Organised an event for the Finnish Business Council about security questions and corruption. The event was held by a Swedish company called PSU. Was very interesting to hear about specific cases and how things can go very wrong in China if you step on the wrong persons toes. After the event out with Mikko into Sanlitun's nightlife...It's nice to be back in Beijing only for this reason!

Sanlitun Village
 Christmas is still on in the village
 Bar street...has changed a lot in the last 5 years!
Happy Shiny People 

 The first bar I ever went to in Beijing November 2007, it was called Butterfly and on the right side where there is only a red wall now. Peiffin, I really miss those days!!
 Late night quarrrrs
 And yes we kinda ended up in Vics

Monday, February 25

Polly Woodside @ Melbourne

Old ship for display most days of the week in the heart of Melbourne - Polly Woodside. It was one of the most unwanted ships to work on and many times they had to recruit prisoners because no one else wanted to work on the ship. The ship has sailed 16 times around the world and was mainly carrying coal and fertiliser  The problem with these 2 goods is that they catch fire very easily and fertiliser smells really bad!  The minimum crew to operate the ship was 11 people but sometimes it was as high as 21 persons onboard. The cargo came all from South America and was then brought back to Australia. Ship is in great condition and well restored to it's original shape (although now it's much nicer than what it used to be back in the days). Polly could take up to 650 tons of cargo on each shipments per voyage. And was sailing between 1885 - 1922.

 Equipments quarters

 Cargo deck
Captains Kitchen
 and captains bath
 Captains quarters
 Kids scrubbing the deck 

 Crew quarters 
 It's located just next to Melbournes exhibition center

Sunday, February 24

Caves and great scenery

Got up pretty early in Launceston and started driving towards the Marakoopa caves. It's just about 100 km drive so not too far. Came 2 hours too late yesterday, they already close at 16.30. Marakoopa means handsome in ancient aborigine  language and the caves WERE great! Never been to anything like this before. They were found about 100 years ago by a local guy who then later sold it to the Tasmanian government for a tourist attraction. It's really worth seeing, they are located in the town of Mole Creek. 

Early morning view of Launceston 
Temperature in the caves is quite low, make sure you wear enough clothes and not slippers

Driving in Tasmania is just amazing, scenery is amazing. It changes a lot from place to place

 Bicheon, a small town by the east cost. Also called the "tidiest city in Tasmania"

 The blowhole

Bicheon was probably the most beautiful city in Tasmania
  Fresh Tasmanian oysters @ the Horny Cray. Seriously could not come up with a better name?
 The views from Horny cray wann't bad....
And driving back to Hobart by the sea was amazing