Tuesday, November 10

Nara park, oh deer

Not far outside Osaka lies a smaller city called Nara. Known for it's temples and also wild deer walking around that you can feed. Beautiful temples and amazing sunset if you get up a bit higher. Time it so that you see the top of the hill last, that way you will get the sunset. Todai-Ji temple is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. And not only that, the buddha statue inside the temple is the largest bronze statue in the world. The ancient Japanese kingdom was really amazing building this!

Clear signs when walking from the train station 
 Herro Bambi!
 Not afraid of people at all
 People contributing to this park
Lanterns, thousands or lanterns

That is one big tree
 Autumn in coming, whole family feeding here

Gate to Todai-Ji temple

 Hundreds of bids on the arches
Massive building, it's by far the biggest wooden structure I have ever seen. This picture does not really show it very well. Maybe if you compare the people by the gate to the size?
And massive buddha too
Buddhas left hand man
School class visiting, like the minions
 Sunset from the hill up on Todai-Ji

 Good night Nara

 Another gigantic spider
View is best from up there
Vending machines, saving you from thirst anywhere in Japan
Ramen for dinner, yum yum!
Raaaameeeen & some Asahi super dry 
The hotel gym & pool were great!
But if you have tattoos there is no entering here...Yakuzzas are big here
Need some toys?

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