Thursday, April 30

The past 15 years...

I just started to count diffrent jobs i've been doing over the last 15 years...And they are listed in the following order:

- Dealing newspapers
- Demolishing a house cellar in Helsinki for 1 week
- Item counter in a food store
- Moomin (Muumi) figure dealing balloons and candy to small kids
- Lifting sailing boats into and from the sea in autumn and spring
- McDonalds
- Video Rental store
- Army truck driver (because they paid me for doing this)
- A store where they sell everything from drills to dvdees and cuttlery. I was in charge of the garden equipments, wow!
- Banking
- Finance and credit cards
- English Teacher
- Male Model

Damn, these jobs are almost related to each other....

Wednesday, April 29


Another busy day working with the english stuff and later went to see the Italian Opera Tosca, really nice!
Friday is a holiday in China so it's totally a free day of. Tomorrow out for paaarty, miss my disco homies :P

Tuesday, April 28

Model Me

Had my photo casting today in Tian Jin.

The whole event stated with checking some clothes and then getting a little make up, powder nose and stuff like that you see in the movies... After the make up we just started shooting different styles in the studio and later went out to a 30 floor house on the roof floor. The view was pretty good up there but Tian Jian is really dirty compared to Beijing, boring city...
I worked together with a Polish guy who was really professional and had done this kind of work over 2 years for Hermes and some other big names, i pretty much sucked compared to him :P

I'll post some of my pics when i get them edited from my Studio. Nice money and great part time work :)

The pictures i added are from Tian Jin and then there are the clothes, it was a Spanish brand called Sunny Mill or something like that...

Monday, April 27

And more pics from the weekend...

Here are some more pictures from the weekend art district...

Tomorrow i will officially become a Male Model, lol! Going to do some photo shooting for a catalogue in Tian Jin, just next to Beijing...Wake up at 6.20 and get going. Will be interesting...

Sunday, April 26

798 - 七九八

798 is an art dirstic in Beijing. It got it's name from a military factory, the factories number had been 798 back over 50 years ago. Now the factory buildings are full of art shops and different modern art exhibitions I took a few pictures from different things...You can find a lot of interesting and uninteresting things here, pretty expensive though because a lot of tourist tend to visit this place.

Had work this morning, was a class with two 8 year old kids. We were learning different fruits...but like we all know, childrens patience and interest die out in about of them (Harry) started hiding under chairs and tables, picture of little Harry added...he's doing the duck and cover drill :P

Later in the day we went out walking, first time in m life 2 people! told me when they passed by '好帅!' which means really damn handsome, made my day... :)

Thursday, April 23

Rain drops keep falling on my head...

Today the weather in Beijing totally sucks! It's been raining here for the whole day, it's misty and tempereature just went down to 10 degrees. Mr. He kelee and Niko chose the best and warmest days in April to come here :)
Tomorrow i'll recieve a call from my work in Shanghai and will know if i can come to Finland for a visit in July. Now and then i really miss swiming in the sea, sauna at Pellinge and jogging around Laru...

Water out manually...go figure. I've found so many great and funny translations here, have posted an album of them on my Facebook...

Tuesday, April 21

Qing Zhong

Many people in the west tend to say that chinese speak like "Qing Zhong". Well Qing Zhong actually doesen't mean anything, if translated it would be like "Please, one kind of" if you use the right tones.

In chinese there are 4 different tones for each word, all tones have different meanings, which makes the studying hard....not to mention the 20 000 different now i think i know around 400. The word HAO can mean: Good, Number and other things if combined with different words.

Found a picture with a few bottles in the street, guess all the bottles in Beijing end up behind this house...

Monday, April 20

Uus TVeeeee - 新电视!

Ordered a new tv and it finally arrived. A brand new 37 incher for about 300 euros! It's some kind of Chinese brand called PRIMA but the picture is really good. Welcome to watch a movie or play nerdeeeee :)

Sunday, April 19

School Cantina 学校的食堂

We have a cantina in the school where the food is really cheap. For a portion of rice and stuff you pay around 1 euro or less, depending on if you wanna be a BIG spender...I used to eat here the first month but then switched to a restaurant close by because the food was too greasy and oily... All classes are over at 12 a'clock and this place is filled with a few hundred students in a short time. Noise level goes up pretty high, wait a long time for the food to get ready and barely hear what your friends say...But the place has it's charm, it's DEFINITELY not like home :)

Saturday, April 18

Art Art and a job fair

This was the last day i had the pleasure to hang out with homies in Beijing, it was a great week with you guys! Ji Ro Show! He Ke Le!! Good times, good times! Im sorry we didn't' have time to check out Hooters Niko, i totally forgot!

There was a work fair today in downtown but almost all the vacancies were about english teaching in public or private schools. Salary ranged between 400 and 600 euros a month which is way too little...No thanks

After the fair i went to an art area in Beijing where you can find all kinds of exhibitions. I went to Todays Art Museum to check out one of Chinas most famous and known artist exhibition. Outside the museum they had an advertisement for Smart car, pictures added.

Wednesday, April 15

Karaoke & Ming Tombs

Today i finally went to see the Ming Tombs close to the Great Wall. The emperor of different Chinese dynasties are buried in this place. Around 10 years ago the tomb was open for public but later closed to preserve it better and not have a lot of stupid tourist there destroying it, good idea. The passage in the picture is where they carried the dead emperor to his final resting place. Later on we went to Karaoke, it's really popular in China and all over Asia...not that it wouldn't be in Finland but it's done differently here. You have your own room where you sing in and order drinks in. After a few bottles of some stern liquor the singing can begin! Really damn fun! Pictures added!

Wednesday, April 8

Ho Hai

Ho Hai is a huge bar street with a lot of traditional chinese houses call Hu Tong. They have rebuild the hutongs into bars and there os a nice lake just next to it. They have boats to rent for the lake, gonna try that next time. This is one of those places all the tourist come to...Looks really nice in the night. This time i settled with going biking around that place, pictures added.

Finlands arriving tomorrow!! Will pick up Niko and Mister Jones 9 in the morning from the airport and go straight to karaoke! Hell will break lose in Beijing the incoming week!!

Sunday, April 5

Green China

Recycling here is probably the best in the world, there is always somebody who sorts my garbage on the backyard. BUT, there are a lot of single packed toilet papers, apples, sausages and what not in the stores. Here is a picture of a box of exclusive apples and a single packed toilet paper, i mean why??

Saturday, April 4


Eating Hotpot in China is very popular specially in the winter because it's warm. It's a big bowl in the middle of the table that is warmed with fire, kinda like a soup. Then you order stuff like meat, vegetables etc to boil in the soup. I went to one of those hotpot places yesterday and had some pigbrain boiled. It didn't taste as bad as i expected, its like eating some kind of meat porrage. 很有意思! Pictures!

Thursday, April 2


Straight after school my chinese boss called me from the english teaching company. He asked if i was available to do some advertisement translation. I didn't really understand what he wanted but sure im available everyday after school. He picked me up from school at 13 and turns out that this advertisement thing included standing outside a chinese elementary school handeling out flyers about the english teaching comapany i work at. Picture. When a blond foreigner stands outside a chinese primary school gate with a few hundred waiting chinese parents, he really stands out. The police looked at me very suspiciously but didn't ask anything...There was a man outside the gate selling small white mices for 5 kuai (50 cents) a piece, he was by far the dirtiest chinese guy i've seen, picture

Wednesday, April 1

School - 学校

Scool is getting more and more intencive. We SHOULD learn around 20 new words everyday, the hardest part is the writing and remembering it 1 week later... i keep forgetting what i wrote earlier every time. The teachers only speaks in chinese and all writing is in chinese as well in the classroom.

Last week I had an exam with around 300 charachters and got 80.5 points which was surprisingly good! Took a picture of our blackboard at a lesson, there is no such thing as english in our class...
Also added a picture of the morning traffic on my way to the school, riding a bike in this place is so much fun! :)