Sunday, November 15

Tokyo - Disney Sea & Halloween

After warming up Halloween at Universal Studios it was time for the actual date! But, first go to Disney World Sea! This is the only Disney Sea in the world! In Japan Disney Sea & Disney Land are separated. Disney sea has more new cartoons while Disney Land are with the "classic" ones. The Halloween theme in Disney Sea was "Villains". Not really as elaborate as Universal Studios but at least a little different from the usual. Some of the rides were really cool like India Jones and going to the center of the world. 

We were upgraded to a Club Room at Disneys Sheraton, nice view over the park! 
 Someone has a wedding in Disney Land, believe it or not. It's very popular here...
 We had a massive breakfast, Chem went for the champagne immediately 
Breakfast with a view from the club lounge....
 Disney Sea in 180 degrees 
 The world of the Little Mermaid 
This place would have been so cool to see as a kid!!
 Found Sebastian 
 Going to the center of the earth 
 Chem chilling by the volcano
 Villain collection 
 Villain show 
Show drew a LOT of people 
 Disney Port 
 Wazzup Genie? 
 Indiana Jones "office" 
Indiana & the lost temple 
Venturing into the lost temple....
Day and night looked very different. This was one of the newest rides and areas, line was way too long. Will check it out next time, 2 hours is too long time to wait. 

Some Ramen after Disney, yumyum!
The prisoner and her guard 
Tokyo parties are crazy!! 
Happy late Halloween everyone! 

Costume contest 

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