Tuesday, December 30

Framme i Kina!

Now i've finally reached Chinese soil again! Landed in Beijing 2 days ago and it's as cold as Finland...Hyan picked me up at the airport and I'm staying at their place for a few days until i get my own apartment here. Been exploring the town a little the last few days alone. Just a ipod in my pocket and a buss card in my hand...A finnish hobo lost in a huge city. Everything is like before, it's pretty hard to get by without knowing chinese...english isn't to be expected from everyone, especially not the taxi drivers who takes you to places...i always have a chinese address written up on a paper or call a friend to get from place A to place B. Time to start studying Chinese soon...

Next week i have an incoming Around Asia trip scheduled, warm beaches and city sightseeing's in the south coming up!

Tuesday, December 9

Time is runing out...

Only 2 weeks to go. Found an internet site which have nice apartments in the area my school is gonna be located. Got some nice pictures too, hopefully i could
"seal-the-deal" ASAP and have a roof over my head when i arrive in Beijing! Now i know how the Orion Pie "It's now" cookies feel!

Friday, November 21

A lightning from the blue sky

Talked about a job in Shanghai, only problem is that the job is located in Shanghai and i planned to stay in Beijing...well at least it's something, will check more into this matter in January when i'll visit the office and Shanghai...

Wednesday, November 19

Tästä se alkaa

Kohta kohti Kiinaa...即将前往中国

This is where it all begins, school is out a few months ago, job contract is up and I’m sitting here in Finland with a one-way ticket in my hand to China...

Soon Finland will be a vast memory painted in my mind and the peaceful and regular life i'm used with for the last 20 years will be over and strongly changed...

The feeling is mixed with excitement and freedom yet a drop of melancholy keeps reminding me of all the friends and family I’m not gonna be able to see for a long time. My languages i so frequently use home will be "suspended" for an unknown time ahead and adaptation into the new environment and habits is mandatory....The change from Finnish daily life to Chinese daily life is like start living in the night instead of the day.

Time to open the new chapter in the book, throw myself to all the new challenges my life will start facing in 35 days from now when my plane leaves to Beijing @ 20:40 Finnish time!

I'll miss you Finland but you'll do just fine without me :)