Monday, September 28

Capital of Scandinavia

Love coming back to Stockholm in the summer!! I booked my hotel in Stockholm about 2,5 months ago and even then they didn't have anything else than a hostel to spare. Asked around and there seems to be loads of conferences + events for the week. Well I got myself a small cellar room in a hostel in old town, always wanted to live there. However 4 days 20 feet below ground and with walls so thick there is no wifi or cellular connections...Was good for one time but enough. Next time I'll be above ground!

Weather was perfect everyday, winter is coming and next time I'm here there will probably be snow. This city is just beautiful.

Oldtown always as beautiful 

 The iron boy, already getting ready for winter

 You can take submarine tours now, that's new


 Zyzz of Stockholm 
 Birds also getting ready to move for the winter

 Kings & Queens 

 Nice craft beers and home made hot dogs at The Hairy Pig 

Friday, September 25

Grattis Jonas & Dani

One thing I miss a lot in Shanghai is the nature all around...Back home I always do morning and evening jogging. And some of the mornings and evenings are just gorgeous, like this early morning. Jetlag always sets in so that you wake up really early when flying towards west. So waking up 6 am is the perfect time for a run  with this kinda jetlag. 

 After yesterdays funeral something more fun, Jonas & Dani wedding at Sveaborg. Sveaborg is a fort build just outside Helsinki. It was suppose to be used for defending the city about 300 years ago but was never really used. 
 NO tourists today
 Just married in style 
Food and wine was flowing 
 And the cutting ceremony 
 And the day was perfect 

Thursday, September 24

Back to Finland, a final farewell to Grandma

It's great to go home again, I feel like it's a million years since I was here. But it's barely 3 months...Just so much have happened during this short period of time.

Was down for a few days after grandma passed away, she was the sweetest and kindest person I ever known. I never heard her complain even though I know she always had a quite bad skin disease. I never saw her angry or say a single bad thing about another person. That is character which I have not seen in any other person. Love you very much grandma, may you rest in peace. We miss you dearly.

You'll always be in our hearts and minds

You deserve 99 roses and candles but since you insisted on a "simple wedding" we made it so
Love the wild blueberries 
All the cousins together
One generation older than us 

You used to sit here and fish for us, the bread on the hook was suppose to be semi moist so it fit well on the hook. Memories to cherish 

I spent so much time at this place as a kid...

The watch. It always made a squeaky sounds. And how many clocks home makes a ring sound on each hour that passes? Oldschool!
Family looked a bit different 20 years ago. And so did I 
Your birds you so much liked. Every day making nests and food for them 

Wednesday, September 23

Pumping iron in Shanghai

My first time to a cross-fit gym, would probably join this one if I spent more time in the city...Amazing none the less! Thanks Fred for the beer at Swedish club. 

A day isn't much time but managed to maximize my time pretty well before leaving again. Airports and Airplanes made me think of that song. Use to listen to their albums a lot before. 

Swedish beer party. They have started producing sausages with Swedish recipe in China now. It's actually really good! Exactly like home! All the sausages I tried in China before have been more or less disgusting. But this one works! Good job :) 
Thanks buddy 
 Not only is it good but can is really cool 
 Real genius who put this up...
 There is always that guy...Don't be that guy 
 Pumping iron! I just love this gym!! 

 Trying to eat clean, def training dirty 
 Weak, fat, lazy, slow, dumb. Well I'm none of those things anymore. Never felt this good as I am now in my whole life
 Fred, the man of Power 
 Roll some wheels and run up the wall