Monday, May 25

Hanoi Rocks

One really nice city that is very much underestimated for travellers! The prices here are really cheap and there is loads to see, not to mention the awesome food. Was nice to come and feel the tropical heat of 37 for a few days.

Pudong airport is huge
The world can be such a beautiful place
 There was a truck of chickens that passed me in the night after arriving in Hanoi. Nuggets on wheels 
 Nice to workout when the gym looks like this 
 North side of the city
South side of the city, not that many skyscrapers....yet
 Monster latte :D 
 Best springrolls in the world - In Vietnam
 Mix of old and new in this city
 Old Quarters 
 A must to have a few of these everyday
 Bags anyone? 
 Pretty amazing sunset, should have brought my other camera with me to catch this 

Sunday, May 24

One weird medical expo

I just realised that the amount of drugs sold in China is staggering! With 1.3 billion people popping pills the pharma companies must be making so much money here. The regulations to buy drugs is also pretty lenient here. I remember once buying antibiotics without any kind of prescriptions in a pharmacy. China has one of the highest reates in bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. No wonder...There was just so many people at this expo! And loads of weird stuff too. 

 Many of the stands were huge

 Some memes walking around with packages of drugs. How...innovative. But also a bit weird
 Placewas so crowded, this boot here were getting a lot of people with competition to "win a bike". This expo was a bitt different than in Europe, there were almost no free give aways, just fliers. I guess many people just come and take stuff instead of having any actual interest in the event. 
 So people just threw the fliers away right after getting them. There were dozens of people just randomly handing out fliers. What use do they think it is to walk around randomly giving out papers without even saying anything about the product? Waste of manpower and paper. 
Trash thrown everywhere, so well behaving people 

Haha, so weird stuff they had at the expo 

Wednesday, May 20

Jet-lagged badly

I knew it was gonna be some irregular sleeping times when coming back but not waking up at 2:30 am the first 2 days. Could not get sleep so at 4 am I went out for a long 9 km run. Was actually very cool to see Shanghai totally empty of people. I probably wondered around this time on weekends too but not really the same thing as jogging around. Found some interesting things on the way. Also a great way to work out. After work 6 pm I was so tired had to crash in bed...

Sun getting up at 4:45 
Nanjing West Road...this road is solo busy in the day, would be impossible to stand where I do here. Cars and traffic all day
Just around 4 am, sun is not even up yet. Suzhou Creek river. 
Typical Shanghai houses, loads of people live like this here in these old houses that are in terrible condition
Random construcion 
 Did China Mobile just get themselves a new office? 
 China and their see these guys roaming around the city moving everything from trash to computers 
 What happens in a city of about 26 millions when everyone turns on their AC during hot summer days or cold winter nights? The energy consumption must be crazy big
 Tailor it, it's cheap here
 Wonder what goes on behind all these dark windows? It's not even a construction yard. There is barb wire around + loads of cameras. Strange right? 
 Art on a wall
 Took this when was looking at offices...One of the best views in town. Also notice the massive cathedral 
 A lot of old people cruise around in these 
 Empty empty, feels like I AM LEGEND. Where are the Zombies? 

 Lane houses 
 Sky high 
 For those of you who have been here, I don't think I need to say anything 
 Wonder what happened to this Mercedes 

Sunday, May 17

To Shanghai!!

Came home to Helsinki for 1 day and repack my stuff and sort everything, it's been a nice 3 weeks on this side of the world again. Been eating WAY too much and not much exercise either, changes now. Not looking too much ahead of the jetlag going east, it's always worse to go to China than coming from China. You feel tired in the daytime and awake during night. When going back home you just wake up earlier than normal which is grey, no need for alarms! 

Bye Helsinki, see you in a month again. Better be warm here then!  
 We had a tailwind that was over 150km/h...So the plane total speed was over 1000km/h. Must be the fastest I ever travelled. Came 30 min ahead of time to Shanghai 
 There it is! Pudong skyline! This city is soooo different when it's warm! Always forget the good sides to it during winter. Sunshine and 29 degrees here I come! 
 Some issues with the battery when I cam back, these guys fixed it for free though :) Thanks 
 My "local" place for haircuts, they charge me 10 rmb, which is about 1 Euro. Can't beat that price 
 Good morning beautiful Shanghai! I guess waking up 4 am with a jetlag at least gives a nice sunrise.

Tuesday, May 12

ESPGHAN in Amsterdam

Last year it was in Jerusalem and now here in Amsterdam. The feedback from all the doctors was amazing for the Biogaia products. We had a 40 meter line with people queuing to get our samples, something completely different to last year. Was really amazing!

Official sponsors 
Work in progress the most awesome stand on this expo! 

 And we're done! Welcome and learn more about you stomach health! 
 The whole conference before "D-Day" Amsterdam RAI convention center 
 It's too bad that I didn't go and take a photo when we had a massive line to the booth 
 Chem came to chill with the Biogaia guys 
 On the 5th when the exhibition opened it was also FREEDOM DAY. It's the 70th anniversary since World War 2 ended. There was a big outdoor concert organised downtown, so many people showed up.