Friday, March 31

Tokyo run!

Home for a few days only...Incoming 4 months are more on the go than home.  

It's been a year since I moved to Japan now from China. After the move I've started to run everyday I can, eat less meat, drink less alcohol. Body weight has decreased about 10 kg since Shanghai days. Some people say they feel more energetic when going through these "transformations" but for me it's more and less the same. If you want to drop your weight, focus more on what you eat, not how much you workout. More greens, fish and cut the beef and pork off your diet. 

Running around Tokyo is of the very best things living here! A few awesome pics from Harumi, Tsukishima and Kachidoki! 

Harumi port, gorgeous sunset 
Rainbow bridge in the background
Local neighbourhood
Wonder if they are making this deeper? 
Spring is in the air! Soon it will be time for Sakura in Japan! 
Found probiotics in these Korean chocolates. They were amazing! I don't remember when since I had this good dark choco. 
Goodbye Tokyo...See you in a few hours Phuket 

Thursday, March 30

Bangkok Expert Meeting

After Hiroshima I just stayed home 1 night before flying out again to Bangkok. Again. We are just about to launch our products in Thailand and this meeting was about meeting senior doctors.

The Deck is a really nice Thai restaurant just by the river. Good place for a sunset dinner. Cheap and amazing food 

Someone had ordered some refreshments at the hotel lobby in the evening 
 Bangkok has a lot of rivers that flow through the city. Most of it is reeeeally dirty like this one 
 Mahanakorn Project, has a tetris like light-show during some nights. 
BioGaia will be Restoring Life in Thailand soon! 

 Oysters anyone? 
Found this temple just next to the office, gorgeous 
 At least once per Bangkok trip need to take a tuktuk 
 House of Sathorn by night 
Reminds me of Raffles in Singapore

Monday, March 20

Hiroshima for a few days

Been looking forward to visit this city for a long time! My Hiroshima colleagues have been telling so many good thins about this place, and seen so many cool pics in guidebooks. One "must go to" in Japan.

But Hiroshima carries a heavy burden from the past when US dropped the first nuke in the world. Was it really THAT necessary? This horrible event should remind us to never do things like this again. Still, so many countries keep developing nukes. And then we have North Korea who is doing god knows what.
A silent moment for the lost ones 

I think everyone should come to the memorial in Hiroshima to see the horrible destruction a weapon like this does. Massive areas destroyed, thousands of people burn and decades of radiations. Plus a lot of second hand damage. People really do horrible things to other people.

Hello Hiroshima! That building looks awfully crooked. If I was still in China I'd get worried.  
Mountains surrounding the whole city 
Welcome to BioGaia Hiroshima 
Out for a dinner, cozy small version of Ginza 

The city is beautiful and the food amazing. If you are visiting Japan I would warmly recommend 1-2 nights in Hiroshima. Must see things is the Atomic Bomb Memorial, Hiroshima Castle and Gorgeous Miyajima island

One of the only buildings that survived the bomb, detonation was right above it. Build by the Czech's. 
Memorial Park
 Atomic Bomb Memorial museum
Bomb was blown up around 600 meters above ground
 Let's not let this clock ever reset "Days without a nuclear bomb"
People just melted away....horrible
Morning run around  the city
 That view! It's just like our Tokyo home neighbourhood.
Go Hiroshima Carps!!! Baseball is suuuuper popular in this city. People in Hiroshima avoid using Softbank, the teleoperator because they are sponsoring the rival baseball team. Would love to see a match someday.
Shukkei Park

Hiroshima Castle
Miyajima arch! 

What beautiful craftsmanship! Tide comes up in the evening and leaves it floating in the water. Didn't have time to stay and see it this time. Something to look forward next time. 
A lot of deer on Miyajima. Careful what you have in your pockets, they will come for it. 

Nom nom nom Anago don! Hiroshima speciality

Lots of shops around Miajima...and...Moomin!

Tuesday, March 14

Around Tokyo

Decided to skip school this month because most of the time will be traveling anyway. It's like a huge burden off the shoulders. Much needed relaxation! So what happened in Tokyo last week? 

Went for another Nomihodai cruise. Boat goes along the sumida river, stops at Odaiba and then back. Good sushi, tempura and of course, free flow. 
Plum trees starting to grow. The sakura walk by Harumi island 
Found this in the Triton square, Venetian hotel from Las Vegas much? 
Oblivion, at least makes me feel like it's much like in the movie 
Love these old houses here and there in Tsukishima. Mixed with the new high risers.
Sankeys for pre-birthday party. Another club checked in Tokyo. Costs 3000 yen to get into clubs here. Better enjoy the music for that price! 
Weekend sunshine 10 km run. Spring in the air! Can't wait for the heat wave