Sunday, November 8

Universal Studios Osaka - Halloween!

My 4th and last Universal Studios to visit! Collected them all, Orlando in Florida was by far the biggest and Singapore the smallest. All very awesome, a must for anyone who loves movies. The Hogwarts castle and whole Harry Potter land is probably the most fascinating thing to see if I would have to choose one...Roller coaster rides are all really good too.

The school of magic, Hogwarts! Its just so amazing that they have it build in all the Universal Studios except Singapore. 
Inside Hogwarts, the placement hat telling stories 

Could not recommend it, it's like a very sweet sugar milk mix. Kids probably love it 
Run to gate 9 and 3/4 so you don't miss your train! 

Buy your wand at Olivers wand shop 
And sweets at Honeydukes 

Only place you find a sign like this...
Their car broke down...
Goodbye Hogwarts, I'll come by soon again 
Marty McFly came back to the future 2015 in the movie, it's the end of Back To The Future now. Really OUTATIME
The DeLorean!  If you look in the car you can see that the flux capacitor is running! Laakso we will go and see this later 
 Welcome, to Jurassic Park! 
Jaws was caught. There is a boat-ride where it "attacks" you.
 Almost all people are the park was dressed up because of Halloween, amazing 

The pumpkin gang 
Elm Street 
 Beverly Hills! 
 Parade with dancers and dresses 
 At 6 pm Halloween mode starts. You head crowds screaming, the Zombies are lose all over the park! Some of the rides were also changed into Halloween mode. We went to one where the girl from The Ring suddenly appeared and freaked out so many people. Super well done the whole Halloween theme!! I think I have to come here next year again :) There is a "dead guy" lying on the car hood who suddenly starts living and running around scaring the crap out of the people. 
 Dead twins 
 Biohazard! Resident Evil was a big theme here. There was also a Biohazard ride where you are put into a maze with live creatures from Resident evil. Line was something like 3 hours so skipped that. But, it looks really amazing. Check out this clip 
 Thriller Zombie dance all over the park every 30 minute 

 Spiderman buns 
 Silent Hill! They have Silent Hill!! This was more than a perfect day!! 
 Yikes !!
 The faceless from Spirited Away 

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