Friday, November 13

Kyoto temples & inari

I always wondered what Kyoto would be like, the whole climate control internationally has been set up here. Loads of temples and cool pictures in many travel magazines too. So what is it all really about? Only spend one day here so there would have been much more to see. Still very impressive! 

Kyoto railway station is huge!

Senbazurus for good luck 

Fushimi Inari gate 
Temple contributors 
For good luck 
What a friendly statue 
Fushimi Inari, arches all the way up the mountain

Almost looks like fire in the forest 


Kyoto from up in the hills 
Bamboo forest 
Omikuji, tells your forture. If the fortune is bad, tie it to the temple. Otherwise take it with you 
Chocolade & banana fish looking pastries 
Nikumaki: meat wrapped around rice, soooo goood! 
Kyoto streets 
Higashi Hoganji, one of the world heritage temples next to Kyoto Station 

Strange but cool looking flowers 
One massive light
Kyoto Tower
Nishi Hongganji temple 
Wild lemon 
Kamo river 
Rangeoin Sanjusangendo, one of the largest collections of hundreds of bronze buddhist statues are here 

Another red sunset 
Like a shooting star....but it's an airplane 

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