Sunday, November 30

Sanur for 1 night

Last time I was in Bali it wasn't actually super enjoyable. The Kuta beach was overcrowded, too many sellers and other annoying people who wanted to take photos with me. Only stayed at the beach for 10 minutes and then it was enough for me. Nothing much to do in Kuta. But I heard from others afterwards that Gili Islands are the place you want to be at! So I stayed 1 day in Sanur because the ferry to Gili is here, off to Gili next morning.

Sanur is on the East side of the Bali island and that was a lot better than Kuta. Beach was alright, loads of stray (?) dogs were chilling around there. Plenty of bars and restaurants with beach view. Quite alright place but I could not recommend staying here more than 2 MAX 3 days...Sand isn't white like Gili and it's sort of "touristy" there.

Rugged beach-bum 
 Hail to Indonesia
 The perfect spot for Yoga
 Lazy dogs all over the beach
I posted this photo on Instagram. Not much later a dude from Poland wrote to me that he collects labels from Beer bottles and that he was missing a label from Indonesian beer. He asked if I could take the label and send it to Poland. And that I will! Merry Xmas random stranger :)
 Had to order this because it kinda resembles what mom makes, avocado with shrimps...Although this wasn't as good. 

Thursday, November 27

Bali - Nusa Dua

Been to Bali once before but that was over 3 years ago already. Last time we only spent some time at Kuta & Ubud which wasn't actually super nice apart from rafting. This time I was much more south on the island in Nusa Dua. It's quite the change to come from Lahore here. Stomach feels alright again after the first nights sleep. But not very keen on foods with a lot of flavour now. Think I'll be ordering from the kids menu :D

Not being able to walk or do things is horrible. I really feel bad for those people who have a chronic or long term disease, must be terrible to not have a working body (like when I broke both my wrists 2006). Speedy recovery to everyone who isn't feeling super today!

Yepp, just woke up in paradise 
 Awesome light
Soon meeting all the people back home :) Happy 84th birthday Grandpa!!!!
 First time I ever had office shoes on a beach. Lunch break can be spent in many ways
 Haha! Try to outstare this dude
 Traditional Indonesian dance, the bad giant steals the beautiful princess but the white monkey kings saves her
 What is one of the most widespread infections? Helicobacter Pylori. High amounts of this in your stomach will cause an ulcer and if not treated right, cancer. Make sure you get enough of Probiotics to keep out the bad bacteria. Gastrus is a good remedy. 
 Smell my fingers, said the monkey king
Was taken out to a sunset place for dinner...loads of surfers here
 Chandelier in the the hotel that has been voted Top #3 in the whole world. Massive structure. Didn't get a good shot there because it was already dark outside 

Tuesday, November 25

A painful flight to Bali from Lahore

It was a really interesting trip in Pakistan, the downside to the trip happened in the afternoon last day. I started feeling really weak and bad quite suddenly. Had to get to my room and rest. When I got to the room and crashed in bed I was already shivering from feeling so cold. Some sort of mild food poisoning. I slept a few hours shaking. Omg it's like India all over again, noooo. Luckily I got 4-5 hours of sleep and when I woke up I didn't feel that much feverish anymore. But packing the bag was like running half a marathon. Felt so damn weak. Thank you Asad for picking me up to the airport....Worse timing ever for a night flight with a long connection.

The Lahore airport was a story of it's own....First you need to show electronic ticket and passport to even get in. Then put your bag in a x-ray machine. Then you que for some time for this guy who starts asking you a bunch of questions of "where were you in Pakistan?" What is your line of work?" "Where are you from? (can't he read my passport daah?)" After all that, que for the check-in counter. 3 Pakistani men just stepped in from of me in the line....nice, real classy. I was too weak to even start a fight about it, could barely stand straight by this point. The woman in the counter was useless. I asked for window seat, didn't get it. I asked her to add the frequent flyer program, she didn't. Well, whatever, next stop. Immigration check, all fine and smooth! Then next stop a guy checkin passport, AGAIN. And then a security check AGAIN. Arrived at the gate about 1.5 hours after arriving at the airport. Only place where it took this long before was Israel when they looked through my whole bag inch by inch.

This was the only picture I was able to take during the whole day while sitting waiting for my plane. Yepp, that's how bad I was feeling. On the positive side, passport looks quite colourful now. 
Now a very painful 5h flight to Bangkok, wait there 3 hours and then another 5 painful hours flight to Bali. This is really the worse time to fly!!! I felt so incredibly shitty and weak during the flights. Think I slept some, half sweating with my large hoodie, half freezing coz of the fever. What a great night flight.

When I finally arrived at Bali the que at immigration was about 100 meters long. Took about 1 hour to stand in line. I did NOT feel well standing there. It felt like a dream come true when I entered my hotel room and crashed in bed....So much for that day. It's been a complete disaster

There is a looooooong line
Do not touch a dead human? Who would do that normally anyway?
Throw stuff on floor and crash, night! Haven't been this happy to see a bed in a while. 

Sunday, November 23

Towards Pakistan - Lahore

One place that I never thought I would visit was Pakistan. But here I am, landing at the airport I sceptically walk to the customs. I still had my shorts and sleeveless T-shirt on from Thailand. It being a Muslim country first thing I did was go to the toilet and change to a normal t-shirt and long pants. That got me last in line of immigration...Loads of Chinese in front of me. One security guard came and asked where I'm from and the guys ahead of me. They said China, I said Finland and he let me come first in line. Ok, great thanks! Already feeling very welcome :)
I wonder what they would say if I went to USA now with a Pakistan visa with a stamp on in my passport...? Probably a ton of questions...
Asad picked me up at the airport and we headed for the hotel. I was surprised that it was quite smoggy in Lahore, like a lighter version of Beijing. Smelled of something burnt in the air. Everything very peaceful and normal though. I don't know what I had expected of Pakistan, you see and hear so many things in the news. Positively surprised!. The hotel was very nice too, the receptionist proudly said it was the biggest in all of Pakistan with 640 rooms! Kind of gave a feeling of "Great Hotel Budapest" movie, everything was like 1950s' and stylish. If you haven't seen that movie, watch it.

Lobby of the hotel was very mighty. The few hundred year old chandeliers made it look even better 
One well preserved Rolls from the past 
Dibbs on this guys hat

Too bad it was cold outside 
Muu-muu's blocking our way
Looks like this guy didn't get much sleep last night
Banners & traffic
Yummy yummy food
Who needs a shave?? 

Spent some time walking around the old town of Lahore, they still use the technology that the British build 130 years ago. Amazing how well they knew their stuff back then already. Are you reading this James?? The old town was beautiful, full of smells, noises, honking, sounds, minarets, history and character. It was like stepping into another world (specially if you never lived anywhere in Asia before).
Awesome silver work
The Great Mosque from Cockoos Restaurant. One of the best food & view you can find here
Restaurant sculptures 
Streets of old town

Notice that boys & girls go separate
Electricity connection done RIGHT 
Skinny horses
Wakir Khans Mosque
Towards Mecca 
Gate of Delhi (because it points towards Delhi)
T-Bone steak in the making
Mini alley, to make it more difficult for the enemy in the past to attack. They got lost in the city 
Jewellery street
The Norwegian government is financing a renovation of an old bath house. My friend knew the construction workers there and we had a peak at it. Must have been so awesome back in the days! 
Big staircase...
"Hindu temple"

I was also honored to meet some of the most famous local doctors and visit clinics and hospitals. It really was an eye opening and experience rich trip! The only bad thing was the last day when I caught some sort of stomach bug that luckily only lasted for about 48 hours but it made the next flight very very unconvenient when you feel too weak to walk and even think. Also freezing in a small fever although it's 30 degrees outside. Not fun.

Chilling with Aamer
Chem was waiting for me in the reception :)

Thank you so much for all the awesome days spent there, specially Asad, Iftikhar & Asim!! Looking forward to show you around next time!

The Lahore homies (was growing a local beard!)
 Smiiiiiles everyone