Tuesday, June 27

Glad midsommar, Hyvää Juhannusta!

Glad midsommar, hyvää juhannusta! My first midsummer in Tokyo! Last year I think was in Korea. We took to the bars all over the the city. Started off in Tsukishima - Tokyo Station, Yurakuchou, Ginza and ended the bar hopping in Roppongi. Good times!

Started the night with some grilled tuna at this small shop in Tsukishima. So cheap!! And good 
Skål at Marunuchi buildign by Toyko Station 
Some plum wine and BBQ at Yurakuchou station 
In for a sip at Vapeur by Ginza Corridor 
Outside Jumanji someone had partied a bit more than us! 
LED at Jumanji and crap music 
It never sleeps...
Last stop at the night some heavy and VERY unhealthy but so good ramen in pork broth 
No white nights here but I can also live with a red red sunset 
Next morning be like ice coffee, sunshine on the balcony with some new Family Guy. Life is good! 
 Family midsummer dinner at Shake Shack, soooo good. 
Double bacon heart stopper 
Flyyyyy lil man 
Went to the embassy to fix Kaj's passport and found this. If you don't know much about Finland and want it explained in a funny way, check out Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen. They are funny because they are so true...The Finns are a bit "special" sometimes. 
  Next week will be going to India and will miss our gorgeous and sunny Tsukuda / Toyosu. Love the different tanning poses here! 

Tsukuda & Skytree skyline 

Monday, June 26

Hanoi Rocks

New terminal in Ho Chi Minh city is so much better than what was here 5-6 years ago. Flight to Hanoi on time but completely full. I don't get the airport bus-to-plane transport. No space to dock on the gate or what? In Japan I have never been on a bus to the plane....Short 2 days visit and then back home :) 

Full house and here people lean on you or whatever is comfy to lean on
 Many events and nights spent here!
 Woke up 5:30, city still asleep
 Hello again Old Quarters
 Came up to Tirant Hotels rooftop to look at the best view in the city

2 days passes fast, goodnight and see you again in August Hanoi

Wednesday, June 21

Good morning Vietnam!

Back to the city I did my first motorbike tour with James about 6,5 years ago already. This place has changed so much since then! Back in those days there were hardly any cars, just bikes bikes thousands of bikes. Now there are cars, cars causing traffic. Hoping it will not become like Bangkok or Manila here later. Another thing are the skyscrapers, they didn't use to be here either but now so many. Very lively city filled with so many great memories. Also some of the best food in this world.

Long live Ho Chi Minh! 
Good morning HCMC :) Exciting day! 
Went to visit University of Medicine and Pharma in Ho Chi Minh for future cooperation 
 Some of the older dental equipments...
 Hands on practice for the dentists students done here 
Contract signing 
And a group picture of the school board + dean 
 My first Dimsum in Vietnam, was great! 
 City Skyline at sunset 
 Awesome Vietnamese dinner at SH Garden, thanks Trung 
 View from SH Garden is great 
 New skyscrapers, this of local bank 
 A Saigon special are the thousands and thousands of bikes. 
 Clean and Green trash cans 
 The heliport that was transported all the way from Korea by sea 
 Morning delights, nom nom ! 
Just chilling and reading his morning news paper in the street 

Tuesday, June 20

Tokyo Sushi & Sunshine

Home for a week but where did all the time go?! Weather's been really fine and traveling to other countries suddenly feels very far away. Japan really is like no other place....Happy to be here :)

Took some visitors out for some Tsukiji Fish Market fine sushi tasting 
Clouds looking like mountains in the back tonight 
To Shinagawa Post office to send off some products on this perfect day 
 This company never studied Swedish before they picked their name! :D 
 Tokyo station very bright
Everything around Tokyo station is neat and new, not like rest of the city. 
 Found the dark side in Yodabashi Camera 

Friday, June 16

Phuket Paradise

Thai market is up and running! Now promotions nation wide starting from Phuket!  Few days work at this beach island again. Could not have imagined 4 years ago when I just drifted around there that I would come here for work! Weather forecast was rain but instead it turned out to be sunny everyday. Here we go Phuket...

Arriving at the hotel was a nice surprise! 
Nice entrance 
Own beach at hotel. Made me really sad in the morning when running here seeing all the plastic garbage that had been washed in from the sea during the night. Don't LITTER! 
Out for a walk in Patong 
 Red purple wavy sunset 
 Seahorse bar 
Must have been a Predator fan :) 
 Like 1 or 2 ATM's isn't enough? Nope 
 Wat Phrathong with the sunken buddha 
 Sunken Buddha
Northern Thai temple style 
 Went to Phuket mining museum. Love these old 50s products
 Found something familiar...Can't believe that it's 13 years since I finished my military service. Was eating out of this for months back then. 
Didn't know that seashells were used as money before 
Had an evening full of lectures for BioGaia probiotics  

 One damn spicy dinner ahead 
 Thai delights as snacks made of coconuts 

 Lobster 4-ever 
 Headed out new morning again with this view from Pullman. Would have worked at the beach instead! 
Pullman was setting up the grill, this picture was HOT to take 
 Traditional Thai lunch