Sunday, October 15

Tokyo time, raw chicken!

Good to be home again! I must say that the food in Japan is absolutely fantastic. Not ONCE have I been to a restaurant with bad food yet! No matter if it's a cheap bowl of Ramen och very exclusive sushi, it's all just REALLY good. Wow! Had some Nagoyan raw chicken too, yes you read correct. Absolutely raw. Some selected few restaurants in Japan are allowed to sell it. These free range 100% natural chickens carry nothing harmless. Good stuff! But I'm not making it a habit anywhere outside of Japan.

The home view one never gets tired of, but last days now with sunshine on the balcony 
 Tsukuda runs are the best 

 Moonshine in Harumi
 Had some raw chicken in Ginza, spot on! 

Tuesday, October 10

City of Angels they say...Bangkok

After arriving in Bangkok I read in the hotel room that Bangkok is the city of angels...Not sure if they refers to the lonely people looking for love at Nana, backpackers getting absolutely smashed on Khaosan road or the yoga enthusiastic hippie-ish people. Some angel for everyone....

This city is really a handful! No other place has massages in every corner for 5 euros, more rooftop bars than you have time to visit on a weekend + any kind of food available!

Really happy with the achievements here during 2017, we already reached 16% market share in 6 months! This week was Thai Gastro week and we had some meetings on how probiotics improve our stomach health and a booth to display our products.

Had a little extra time to take a car out to Ayutthaya and see the ruins of an old kingdom that the Burmese destroyed a few hundred years back. This is a must day trip to anyone visiting Bangkok!

Good morning you City of Angels 
Some chicken wings at Fatty's, great but spicy to the extent that it burns twice 
Street food anyone? 
One of the many rooftops
Day trip out to Ayutthaya for some history & culture 
Buddha is in all of us, smile 
Lurking Buddha
Good things come in 3's

Expert meeting with Abbott
And a symposium for 140 local doctors 
Long week! Cheers at Sirocco on the 64th floor

Hangover 3 was filmed here

Sunday quick trip to JJ market, fastest way to move and avoid traffic in congested Bangkok is BTS. 
Market chaos 
Planets & stars at El Gauchos steak house 

Sunday, October 8

Last summer days Tokyo coming! But still a few warm sunny days. We had a great family weekend picnic by the Tsukuda river. Should do these kind of things more often. Only had a few days time to stay in Tokyo before heading down south again...

To moon or not to moon? 
 New temporary concert hall in Roppongi 
 Inflatable and temporary concert hall, walls are just a few millimeter thick and the whole thing can be taken down in hours. 
 Into the Void 
Tokyo Midtown 
 Moon reflection in Harumi 
 Someone had arranged a pretty elaborate wedding, could be somewhere in the states 
Bit hazy but good day for picnic 
 The Tsukuda group 
ASEAN Dental meeting by Tokyo station 
 Vietnam & Japan 

Wednesday, October 4

Hong Kong = Dimsum

Sunny scorching hot Hong Kong with fantastic dimsum! I have never been here in a heat like this. Suiting up was veeeery sweaty but indoors the AC is set to 17 so suddenly you're freezing. A great way to catch a cold or just feel sick in the evening. I remember once going to the cinema with a t-shirt, big mistake. Was shaking teeth throughout the whole Alice in Wonderland movie.

Came to Hong Kong to celebrate our partners 20th anniversary. How 2 people transformed their small business into leading sellers supplements in the country!

Hong Kong Hills 
 Light dimsum lunch to start the day with after the flight 
 Missed the street food! 
 Red red sunset 
 East TST harbour 
 Amazing skyline here 
 Lunch at Dimsum bar, definitely one of the top lunches this year! Or maybe I was just too hungry 
 The flying Frenchman 
 Night time 

 Down the memory lane to Sichuan with some 水煮鱼
 Got some flower, congrats from BioGaia 
 And a 20th anniversary card, smile 
 Love how new meets old and neon lights everywhere. Hong Kong is fantastic