Tuesday, August 22

Gorgeous Pellinge

Straight from Poland out to our island for a few days chilling with the whole family. Mostly rain but at least 1 gorgeous day for deserted island hopping. So nice to just relax here a few days where time sort of seem to stand still. Very very different life than back in Asia...and no people! 

Nummelin x 8
 Picnic är Älskis
 Kaj out exploring the 7 seas 

 Straight from Ghibli 
 It's not summer without a strawberry cake 
 A beautiful sunset, caught a fish on the first throw

 This week some 100+ trees will become furniture 
 Dad knows what you did last summer 
 Hired a young roof gardener, so happy you could make it bro! 
 A jump in the blue from the sauna...

Sunday, August 20

James & Dommie's wedding in Poland

Congratulations James & Dommie! What a lovely wedding it was and an honor to be your groomsman! Amazing resort too, we loved the food and view :) Was nice to meet old buddies too! Kari, if you read this prepare a trip to Tokyo someday.

Lake house and some fantastic weather in the Polish country side. About 1 hour drive south east of Gdansk - "Wichrowe Wzgórze" w Chmielnie - Kaszubska Oaza Zdrowia

Took a walk to nearby lake and found a super cozy bakery / coffee shop 
Pannacotta with berries 

Give us more LODY! 
Lody lody lody 
Found some mighty birds 
Getting ready to walk down the red carpet 

Cake time 

 Family picture 
 Having our new album picture taken :D 
 The Man! 
 Now let the party begin! 
 A finger each, once again, congrats James 
 Aint no wedding without a proper party 
 Back to Helsinki, very nice 2 days! 

Sunday, August 13

Lody & Pirogi in Gdansk

Second time to Poland but first time to Gdansk! The trains from airport were confusing and no signs in english. Uber worked well so we decided to take it into the city and leave our bags at the central railway station before heading out to the wedding resort. The baggage service worked well in the station and we were off to hunt some pirogis and then walk around as long as we could Gdansk + take a car to Sopot and see the beach.

First observation: It's the only city in Europe that I didn't see full of shopping Chinese tourists. Or any other Asians for that matter. Strange? Really nice old port city that somewhat resembles Amsterdam & Copenhagen. Except, service is slow but prices CHEAP! Very cool old buildings and fantastic Lody (ice cream) everywhere.
Central station 
Many places on bucket-list still
And then food time :) 
Awesome pirogis
Nom nom
Up in the clock tower museum, looong walk up but great view of the city  

 So cheap here!
 Some of the many gargoyles around the city
 Cool graffiti in old town
Astronomical clock in St Mary's. Similar one on Prague but it's outdoors. To see this you have to pay a ticket of about 2 euros
 Old Town street

Taxi anyone? 
Crane from 1444, got bombed heavily by Germans in the war but the rebuild it to it's might. Oldest and biggest crane of it's time.
Could be a picture taken very long ago if the boats weren't new 
Spider Man was here
 Started raining so took an Uber out to Sopot seaside to see the wingdings house and beach
Finns will find this funny
 Sopot beachfront
Wingdings house, it looks really cool but covered with trees in the way so you can't get a good picture. Well placed! 
Pirates of Sopot 
Would be a nice place to chill on a sunny day 
 Took the train back to Central Station before heading out to the resort. Ticket checkers are not to be messed with here! It was 4 massive body builders that looked really harsh. Good that we had tickets
 This must be good luck for James wedding tomorrow!
Hoping for no rain during ceremony...Gorgeous night !