Saturday, December 30

Merry Christmas from Tokyo!

First time in my life I've away from Finland 2 Christmases in a row and having them here in the east. When living in China there was only 1 Finnish Christmas I missed back in 2007. But you have have a Merry time here too. Family and friends gatherings on the 23rd and 24th. God Jul!

Sun sets over Sumida River, just missing the Christmas snow from the picture 
 Found the Tsukuda lighthouse in mosaic while on a river run 
 Neighbours threw a family party and chef made amazing food
 God Jul everyone! 
 The little ones 
 Our own Sudo Christmas party home in Tsukuda, amzing roast beef and turkey! 

Monday, December 25

Tokyo Disneyland - Xmas edition

Took Kaj first time ever to Tokyo Disneyland. Was a bit cold but so nice with all the Christmas lights and the Haunted House Special Version on Nightmare Before Christmas that only runs 3 months per year. Jack!! Probably the movie I've seen most times in my life.

Welcome the happiest place on the planet 
Probably one of the most remarkable people the last 100 years. Walt Disney! 
Hey Mickey @ monorail 
Mark Twain in reflections 

The Neon parade is really something to see at night
Main reason we came here, Nightmare Before Christmas edition at haunted house
Stayed at Disneys Sheraton hotel for a night, had a top floor fantastic view over the sea and could also see Mount Fuji in the horizon. Great stay-cation with the fam! Walking to the hotel felt like being in Cali or Sydney. So red sunset and the palm trees 
If you look a bit to the right from middle point you can see Mounth Fuji in the horizon. Was a gorgeous night!!! 
...and day view in comparison 
I wonder how many nights we have spent total together Sheraton? 
 The baked beans by the breakfast gave a bit of laugh, never seen them like this....
 Food hogger 
 A walk with Kaj by Tokyo Bay outside Sheraton, super nice area to run at nights also

 High five little man 
 Mommy and son after a nice stay 
 On the way back home we got a private train....

Sunday, December 24

Hanoi still Rocks

Once again in Hanoi! Started to have quite the routine places for drinks and food already. Forest has great Vietnamese food from many provinces, a drink in Metropole is a must that Charlie Chaplin mixed and spend his Honeymoon in the city plus a walk around the old quarters with some strong local coffee. Part of of the ProDentis launch went really well, another milestone set!

Dinner at The Forest - Rustic Charm 

Big event at the hotel with all embassies in Hanoi, traffic was totally stuck so we had to walk instead of drive in 
Morning mist, time to get up and make history! 
 Registration booth for our guests 
 This picture was published in a Vietnamese newspaper
 Probiotics in Oral Health
 A drink at the Metropole Hotel, grey day
 At Tirant hotel rooftop for some sightseeing 
 Xmas tree nailed it 
 Swedish Embassy organised Lucia in Hanoi, was nice to see it! 

Thursday, December 21

Good morning Ho Chi Minh !

An official ProDentis launch in Vietnam this week starting in Ho Chi Minh City. So much good memories from this city, already about 7 years since I came here first time when we drove motorbikes up all the way to Nha Trang. Vietnam has a very special place in my heart!!

View over the Mekong Delta 
Best Vietnamese food you can get at Nha Hang Ngon
Yum! And so cheap too  
Ho Chi Minh has become hip! Found a really nice craft beer bar at called Ong Cao at the backpacker area 
Long flight so what's better than a treat afterwards 
Love this bathroom! Le Meridien is worth staying in 
Breakfast view something you don't want to miss 

Sunshiiiine and 32! 
SPA floor like a snake 
Reunification Palace
Bamboo pillars 
Palace bunker and old communication gear 
Tiger cages...6-7 person could be in one 
Finland was strongly against the Vietnam War
Weapons on display
Some facts about the war...
Shop till you drop 
Sky-deck worth a visit
Up on 50th floor at Bitexco Tower

Probably one of the most awesome post offices 
Place that is alive till very late, full of bars and restaurants 
Some Techno at Shaka! 
Need to be there to see it 
First dinner to start our launch tour 
Maxim's Restaurant had awesome Vietnamese food! 

ProDenits launch in Ho Chi Minh! Awesome job MTC Pharma! 

Agree but I had tons of bad ones too 
Visiting Dr Phongs new clinic 

This guy looks like he had an all-nighter
Opera House
A very special place where we met @ Wife 
City is changing so fast. 4 Years ago it didn't look anything like this! 
Chill Skybar was a cool place 
 And traffic here is always busy but so much more cars now than a few years back! 
Good night Ho Chi Minh, tomorrow heading north to Hanoi