Wednesday, December 31

That was 2014 - Looking forward to 2015!!

Happy New year to anyone who is reading this! I hope you will have an awesome night tonight!

I think this has been the most amazing year in my life. Turning 30 pretty much set everything straight. Earlier this year I flew from US to Berlin and Stockholm for job interviews. Following that to Beijing a party for a few days and then off to spend a lovely 30th birthday in Sydney. Then back again to pack my stuff in Beijing because it was time to leave that city, I got a 2 new jobs but took the one in Stockholm!

I moved to Stockholm which was also a new place for me to live at. After about 4 months in Stockholm it was back to Shanghai. Haven't lived in Shanghai since April 2012.

Shanghai was my dream place to live at just after I had spent 5 months as an exchange student there. This year 2014 in Shanghai I didn't really meet many new people because most of the time I wasn't even there...Always waiting at airports.

There are just so many things that happened this year but to sum up some of the highlights of the places I've been to:

Whole Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Iceland), Turkey, Israel, Germany, Estonia, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zeeland, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, England, Russia, Singapore , Malaysia

Looking forward to 2015, there are loads of exciting things coming up! Thanks to all the awesome people who I spent loads of great moments with 2014!

Linda: For making the trip in US amazing
Hede: Xbox, Krabi and the cool trip we did to St. Petersburg
Chloe: For fixing up everything for me in Shanghai!
Mikko: For everything in Thailand! London! Ultra was amazing!
Kari: Good good times in Shanghai, come back someday! Hope your leg heals ASAP
James: Awesome weekend in Ningbo and Shanghai party!
Jussi: For keeping all my stuff for a year in your flat! Keep pumping that iron
Fred: Always a helping hand in everything
Mona: For finding the best food spots around Asia! And also helping out with all sort of things
Jeanett: Awesome roomie! The crayfish party was awesooooome
Waltsu: Introducing the underground life in Helsinki and being that crazy party friend everyone needs. Also for one of the coolest new years parties ever in Berlin (today!)
Stefan: Master of CoC, nuff said
Laakso & Husse & Joel: The Estonia cruise was a blast
Maren: For living in your Sydney flat 2 weeks!
Koli: Summer times and they last night was wrecked!

Some of the highlights in pictures from 2014 

Sydney Harbour
Ayutthaya (1h outside Bangkok)
 Mumbai gateway to India 
 Bryce Canyon (Utah)
 Baltic sea by Russia / Finland border (no filters, the sky was really this red)
Tel Aviv sunset
 North of Iceland 
 Trawangan, want to get married on the beach? 
 Crazy hectic Hyderabad
 New home Shanghai, Jingan temple just next to my house
Hong Kong skyline 
 Pellinge archipelago 
 Drottningholm Stockholm
 Slide down the Mekong River Delta (close to Ho Chi Minh City)

Monday, December 29

Celebrating a beautiful Christmas, Merry merry Xmas to you all!

A few days before Christmas eve there was only rain and no snow. But suddenly on the 22nd in the evening it start snowing, heavily! In no time the ground was covered with snow and the next morning everything was white like in a fairy tale. We spent the Xmas with family on the 24th and 25th with relatives. Loads of different salmon and ham is so yummy :) So easy to eat too much.

So this is how it looked 22nd still in the morning, no snow 
Went for a run around the block, we have a viking tomb next to the house 
A glimpse of the sun 
 Got ourself a 5 meter tall Christmas tree this year, before....
...and after
 Main shopping street with Xmas market 
 Forum Mall had a bit of Bling Bling xmas decorations 
 Went to see the Hobbit 3 in the cinema, after we came out everything was white! 
 Morning waking up to a totally new looking place 
 Had a good 10 hour set of Diablo 3 :) It's awesome to have a huge projector screen 
 Pictures around Soukka 

Now THIS looks like Christmas! 

 There is a new ferris wheel in Helsinki! Was not here last summer yet 
 Getting some fish from the market, why don't they have this in Shanghai :( 
 Time to the out the shovels and get rid of the snow 
 It's a Christmas tradition to go and add candles to the the tombs of deceased relatives. 

 Taking a walk to the nearby beach, not really the best time for swimming but looks amazing 

 Xmas dinner served the 25th, nomnomnom
 Ludde looking very guilty when jumping in my bed. Was caught red handed
 Sunset at Hanasaari, this picture has not been edited in any way. The sunset was actually THAT red. Beautiful!!

Saturday, December 27

Day cruise to Tallinn!

It's kind of become a tradition that every time I come home me and my best buddies go out for a day cruise to Estonia. My plane from Lund landed in Helsinki after 1 am and we had to be on the boat at 7.30 am. Leaving me about 5 hours or so to sleep.

Morning kickstart after getting on the ship: ordering Champagne and loads of coffee. After the food we found a place to sit at the boat for beer. Joe brought some glasses but threw away the water in them which later I laughed at because it was so stupid to do. We really would have needed it to dehydrate later on. "Varannan vatten" like I was thought once, means every other drink water. Who remembers this?  Sunday was gonna be a painful & long day...
Eckerö Line goes to Estonia 2-3 times a day, taking about 3 hours one-way 

What a perfect day to arrive! Or so we thought, later the rain started
After we arrived in Tallinn the time sort of becomes blurry. We went to walk around the old town, see the awesome castle and even had drinks in it. It's a beautiful city with history that dates back over 1000 years! 

Skyline of Tallinn
Gate to old town 
Castle walls

Christmas market in the center of the square is like any Christmas market in Europe during this time of the year. Loads of jams, bread, fish, hand-made things and some snacks with hot Gluchwein.

Was so awesome to come home and see all the best friends and have a blast partying the whole day. Welcome home Seba

Since 1991, still going strong  
The castle bar

 Run back to the ship in the evening to make it in time!