Sunday, September 25

Exploring western Japan - Kanazawa

Decided to take a weekend trip when I for once was home the whole weekend. Took the bullet train about 2.5 hours west of Japan to Ishikawa Prefecture to a city called Kanazawa.

Off to Kanazawa by Shinkansen! About 3 hours going 300km/h 
Breakfast in train :) 
The Kanazawa train station is so far the coolest I've seen in Japan 
Had a really nice view from our hotel room 
Some pyramid head performance dancing at the train station

Only in Japan! Take an umbrella but bring it back once you're done. For free! 
JAL with autumn clouds 
The market place had and amazing setup of fish! 


Made me think of Yubaba from Spirited Away
Fresh crab! 

Think this was one of the best sashimis I ever had. Was worth the wait
Ishiura shrine was a mix of western and Japanese style 
Kanazawa Castle was impressive 

Samurai garden by the castle. So tidy and nice 
The evening came in a gorgeous way
Went to the modern art museum. The swimming pool was pretty cool 

Some visitors were dressed up 
Windows 8 
JAL incoming for some sake!! 
Love the sign, samurais incoming

Indoor private garden was amazing althought wasn't very easy to get any good pictures of it 
Hand made balls of string
How to pack wedding gifts 
Walking around these old cool samurai houses we found something American...Of all places! 
I've seen the word KIITOS in many places around Japan, means thank you in Finnish. So random.
One of the famous sites in Kanazawa is the Kenroku-en park
Statue for a legendary god 
This tree decided to grow in all ways 

Skyline from the park with a white temple on the other side of the hills 
This could be somewhere in Finland on someones lake cottage

Got rope? 
An ice cream, snack or some beer after walking in the massive park 
City is very green to walk around in 
Higashichaya, old street of Kanazawa

Went to the oldest and most famous entertainment houses which is now converted to a restaurant. The golden room was up to it's name. It was all gold 

Enjoying some shaved ice 
Gorgeous sunsets, time to go back to Tokyo. Was a great get-away weekend!