Friday, November 20

A week in Shanghai

It's been a very travel heavy September & October. I don't think I been home for even a week straight during this whole period. But this week we were spending our "last" week in Shanghai together. not sure when is going ot the next time....Noticed that I only took 8 pictures the whole week in Shanghai. For some reason just don't feel like taking so much pictures there. Maybe because you don't really take pictures when being "home"? After about 8 years I think it's ok to call China home, or at least some kinda home.

One of the unique Shanghai views with the tree arches in the French Concession. This one on Changle lu. Awesome to drive by scooter here on warm and sunny summer day. Less awesome on cold polluted winter ones. Bipolar. It's either WOW here or then just sucks. 
 Labour has become increasingly expensive in China too. Now they have hired cats to take care of the grocery shops 
 Devil Nut had some Thug life promotions 
 Sichuan Citizen! One of the best Chinese food places in Shanghai (that I know of)
 Fortune Cookie, American Chinese food. But really good one! 
 Cardboard, nuff said 
 Supa sweet crepes 
 You know it's polluted when the sun is orange. Driving just next to People Square
 Social Club has amazing food & drinks 
Start the saturday morning with....Aribaaa
 Fred & Eskil had a goodbye party at home. Apartment looked great around midnight. Luckily our cleaner is coming tomorrow morning (and I'm flying to Hanoi so whatever)

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