Thursday, June 30

Yeoboseyo Korea!

Korea is one of the only countries in Asia where I haven't really spent any time at all in. Came to Seoul once back in 2011 but that was only for an extended weekend. That time we went to the North Korean border, Imperial Palace plus walking around the city. 3 days passes so fast. 

This time I almost had a week time although work took up most of it. Nevertheless, you get to meet a lot more people while working than being on a private trip somewhere. Thanks to all the staff at Dong Sung who made this conference and trip really awesome! 

Visiting the presidential palace, crowded on a weekend 

 Just pretty scenery
But we made it better 
Lookout tower. Would have been nice to go see the city on a clear day from up there. Maybe next time. 
 The band that was playing really had a special Korean touch to it. Aggressive singing would probably be the best description 

 Just thinking back 20 years there were almost no products from Korea. Now we got Samsung, LG, Hyundai, KIA etc. 
 Salary man on his way home 
 This cinema was just beyond awesome. There were live size characters from so many movies and so much merchandise to buy. Not to mention the selection of snacks, popcorns of all flavours for the movie. 
 Second time I stayed at Aloft. Very nice price worthy and cosy hotel chain! 
Mixing colours is the theme in this hotel 
View from the higher floors is nice
 ProDentis has landed in Korea! 
Getting ready for our symposium 
And big local dinner after all work was done! 
 Overlooking Gangnam area 
 Chem had a Korean beer :) 
Shopping around Dadong-mae. Perfect sunset in the horizon
Think I found Mr. Poopybuthole from Rick & Morty, but Korean version!
All the food in Korea is so nice! 
 Love the neon nights! Reminds me a lot of Shinjuku this street 
Where do all the Hoes go? Probalby to HO bar 
 Had some spare time on Sunday to walk around, found THE Gangnam bear
 Bustling Myeong-dong street 
 Giant Macaron cookies & cream ice cream. Yum! But seriously sweet 
 How about an ice cold light bulb drink or shot? 
 Myeong-dong cathedral 
 Here kitty kitty 
 Get your bling on at Bling-Blings 

Wednesday, June 29


It was the longest time in at least 2,5 - 3 years I stayed in 1 country for almost 2 months. Felt strange to leave Japan and going to airport this morning. Luckily it was traveling to an old familiar place. Would not really have felt for some very "exotic" destination now. Can just imagine how some people who seldom go anywhere might feel when traveling to new places. One of the best things with Singapore: It's always between 28 - 31 degrees and street food is amazing. The streets are so clean that you could basically eat from them. After all these years of coming to here still haven't found anything bad about this country.

Welcome to Singapore! Woke up really early and mist and sunshine made the morning light very red

Probably one of the best "laksas" I've ever had
 You can find BioGaia in almost every health store / pharmacy. Went into 2 and both had our products just next to the counter 

 Thanks for the awesome chili crab Kwan! 

 A day could start worse than this...
Went running in the morning and found a big street food market called Newton Feed Center. Have to come here some evening. 
Gardens by Marina Bay, super trees to the right  

Marina Bay with a 180 degree view from "Floor 33". Seriously the best view AND beer. (yes they make it themselves)
Blocks after blocks of skyscrapers, the view is amazing from here 
Fullerton hotel build back in 1928. Served as a hospital during WW2 and 

Pretty misty during the rainy season 
Inside Marina Bay. The hotel is mainly build as a casino for foreigners. It costs 50 USD for local people to enter the casino but is free for foreigners. This place makes 300 million USD each quarter! Tons of game hungry Chinese & Indians come here since it's illegal home...Expensive rooms but someday will stay here!
Some daily sightseeing with guests to Marina Bay Flower Dome. Sooooo many colorful and beautiful flowers in the "rainforest". 

Natural formation from a cave in Malaysia 

This is how I sometimes feel in Asia :D 

Disco for the plants 

We had a ProDentis symposium for dentists in Singapore with over 100 people in total. Good bacteria in your mouth is as important as in your stomach!  
Great to see so many come even though it started late in the evening