Tuesday, June 30

Bangkok - Smiles, Temples & Sunshine!

It's now 8,5 years since I came to Bangkok for the first time. I remember that the airport was full of taxi drivers who all wanted to rip us off. Even after bargaining with them for some time we paid way too much. The traffic in the city wasn't that bad, it was still before governments campaign to give tax refunds when you buy your first car. Great idea...The local currency has dubbled it's value compared to Euro since then and everything has gone up in prices quite a lot. I remember we were on an island paying 4 euro each for a beach hut which one morning had a gigantic green snake in the roof. Good times!

Anyway, Bangkok is one of the cities in love most in Asia. Food is great, it's always warm, people are friendly, prices cheap, beautiful beaches at islands and it never sleeps! This time was no exception. It was a different kind of midsummer! But from what I heard from you people back home, not very warm...We had sunshine and 34!

Few hours late flight, airport a bit messy on arrival and bag roll just exploded :D 
Had my first laugh at the hotel in Bangkok when they explain how a fire-alarm sounds like. I bet no one knows right? 
 Dinner at "The Deck" was amazing! Probably one of the best views, cheap too. 
Rooftop made old style 
Went to a hospital that looked more of an luxury hotel than a place for sick people. Amazing. 
 Office view sure was nice! 
 Lee's kitchen on Sukhumvit 15 is always a winner for yummy lunch 
 Went to see the new Jurassic Park...Can't really recommend it. Spoiler alert: It got bad when he started speaking to the dinosaurs! Nope! Go see it for the visual effects and leave your brain in the coat-check. 
 Midsommar, what can I say. Life is good! 
 Out on Khaosan road to celebrate midsummer. Was awesome that you could come on the weekend James! 
Said hi to this guy and a dubble BigMac in the night, not creepy at all right? "He kids, come eat!" And the guy behind him isn't any better. 
Booked a place next to Pat Pong and the sunset was amazing on Sunday. Building to the right looks pretty Matrix-ish 
 Some weekend exploring: Ancient village & Elephant temple. Probably the biggest 3 headed elephant statue ever made.  
View from the mouth, it's a temple upstairs. 
The roof inside the elephant is also a sight, mix of different religions and cultures. 
I see myself making this kinda face too often :D 
To end the nice temple visit, pick a lotus and send it down the river stream 
 Ancient city, about 20 kilometers outside Bangkok center. Biking around this place will take you half a day almost, it's a huge area! But teaches you a lot about the history of Thailand. Thank you Grace for the tour and ride!! 

The old royal palace that used to be in Ayutthaya but destroyed by the Burmese. 
 Floating city 

 My favorite, Pad Thai! Yum yum 
 Old style houses for the village chief 
 How about an afternoon tea in 35 degrees? 

 Hairy brances 
 Talkin' to me? 
 Buddha protected by Nagi the 7 headed snake...I just realised that the copied the name to Harry Potter because Voldermorts snake is called Nagini
 Reach for the sky, always go higher
 So much gold in these temples! 

 An old Pagoda 
 Thai poem, can't read but think the letters are really cool 
 One big temple 
 Royal barge boats, the King goes out on them for hist birthday. This ritual dates back 700 years already. 
 Old Thai ship, feel like climbing the mast 50 meters? Looks pretty bad to fall head down, nope.
 Nagis girl is stolen and he becomes very angry...
 Remake of the old temple on the hill. Amazing view from here! Be ready to sweat about 5 liters when climbing up all the stairs in a scorching 35 degree heat. 

 Smells really bad up there with the wind today...Why dump the trash on a spot like this??? Everyone can see it...and smell it. Awful 

Wolrds biggest market, open on weekends. A must visit for anyone in the city!! Look for Jatujak market, if you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere. 

Why not have a massage after walking around a few hours 
Yum yum 
Coconut art 
Potato spirals were great!