Tuesday, April 26

Good to be back home

Short stop home, but a stop home none the less. The moment I step out of the airport everything back in Asia starts feeling like a distant dream. Did it all really happen? Is it still there? How was it all possible?  Reality check. Wait a moment, I speak Chinese, lol! Yeah I guess it all really occurred in some random and strange way. Happens to me almost every time I come back... But home...home never changes! 

The small, good & simple things. No matter how many 5 star hotel food or Michelin Star restaurants you eat at, the food Mom makes will never be matched!

This sign was hilarious. It's suppose to say "Put the cars below ground, more space for bikes". But someone wrote over the bikes and replaced it with BMW (cars). 
Splash splash
 So happy I have moved back to a city with sea!
Saluhallen has the most amazing fish, food, bakeries etc. Don't come here hungry!  
How much is the fish?
Swedish embassy has landed the best spot in Helsinki
Old hoods at parents - Sökö
Perfect for jogging! Birds chirping, no sounds, fresh air and that wonderful nostalgic feeling to be home

Monday, April 25

The Great Dictator - Story of my Life

I'm not implying on being any sort of dictator but the other week I heard Charlie Chaplins speech from his movie "The Great Dictator" and was inspired. Probably the best speech I've ever heard. This dubstep remix is really amazing 

I had the privilege to once again lecture to about 200 students in my old university, trying to inspire then to pack their bags and go see the world while also preparing them for what's out there. My lecture was just over 1 hour long and got some nice positive feedback from many of the students. Feels great to be able to contribute and give something back from personal experiences.

Thought about a title for a long time, the most suitable I could come up was "A one-way ticket to the story of my life" because that's what this whole thing was about. 

 Some people actually look quite happy, at least no one was sleeping or talking 
 It's important to get out of your comfort zone and take the leap 
 Got this picture added on the University's official Instagram page! A big thanks to the great feedback! Until next year again....

Sunday, April 24

Finally back in Tokyo !!

This almost 3 week long trip has felt like half of a forever. As if I was traveling 4 months instead of 3 weeks. So happy to come back to civilisation although the beaches and warm weather was amazing.

In Tokyo I didn't really have much spare time except work, on Saturday we went to a cool roof-top BBQ party. Also signed up for 3 months of intensive Japanese classes. It will be same set as in Beijing all those years ago. Start every day with 3 hours of learning. As if settling down in Tokyo + work would not keep me busy enough :) Looking forward to speak one more language, it's easier to learn a new language when you know what to focus on. For example, question words and measure words are the most important ones to start with. Then you can describe when, how, where, what etc. After that just add new vocabulary...And also need to learn how to write Japanese too. 2016 will be a busy busy year. But really, it's so much nicer to live here than China.

Hello new home! Looks like it's going to be a fine day 
Takanawa area where we have our office 
BioGaia Tokyo 
Got this cup from the Navy Commander and put it in good use!
Many big companies like Microsoft have their HQ in Shinagawa
Every night I went running around the Shinagawa area and found this and that. This restaurant looks like something from the past.
Also found Baker Street not far from the Shinagwa station, could be cool to come here for a beer

Can also run by the water in just a bit north from Shinagawa. Absolutely empty of people and beautiful reflections 

 Looks like an old lighthouse but it used to be the fire department
Friday = Pizza day with Bae
 Koyasan temple
 Yum yum Sapporo Beer Station. They got food & beer. Will be perfect in the summer to sit outside here
Our rooftop BBQ
Shibuya crossing, busy no matter the time of the day

Found this Clash Of Clans add in the subway, they are putting a lot of marketing in Japan
 All those dogs! And everyone has a different outfit.
Ordered some HOT Ramen, and I mean HOT. Burned my lips, the red stuff is pure chili. Was only able to eat the noodles and meat but soup was nope nope nope. Last time I ordered the most spicy they have on the menu
Back to school!
 This noodles advertisement cracked me up
Time to head back to Helsinki! Feels like last time was forever ago. And the best time of the year to be back is soon here! No more winter darkness or -10 degree
Majestic Mount Fuji on this clear day
This 11 hour plane ride was one of the slowest I have ever been on. When your too tired to focus on movies or get any work done but also too much awake to get any sleep...Just sit in half zombie mode and somhow wait that the next 5 hours will be quick. They were quick, at all. Was more than happy to get off this flight.

Monday, April 18

Suvadeee Kap! Love being back in Bangkok

Night flight and super tired, for some reason Indians all seem to travel with their infants. Constant screaming through the night from Hyderbad to Singapore where I transferred my flight.

One of the worse flights I so far had, ever. Thank god for these noise cancelling headphones made it a little better. Quick coffee at Changi airport and then to Bangkok! After 2 weeks in India and Sri Lanka it feels good to come to a bit less "Indian" place.

Tuuuu haaandreeed baht massages with great breakfast followed by just sleeping off the horrible night flight by the pool. Was some awesome laser tag in the night although I sucked big time!

Sleep off that horrible night at the plane here...Ok can do. It feels like it was worth it now 
 Some yum yum Thai streetfood! 
 JJ market - Worlds biggest outdoor market. They have everything! 

 Soon bae can chill on this! 

 Went laser tagging one night but as you can see from the results I suck. My colour-blindness probably made me shoot most of my own and the rest...well don't know. Funny that the only one with military training in the group is one of the worse. Says something about my time in the navy...

 Randomly walked by Dinosaur Planet 
 So awesome that they have a TIm Ho Wan here! 
Then again, the streetfood is also a good choice! 
 Japan came to Bangkok 
 This was...weird. Did the frog help from drowning or what 
 Probably the best 90 buck hotel you can find in Bangkok.

 This ATM ate my card...My card is from China. In order to get a new card I need to go back to China. But I have nothing planned for China before November or so. GREAT! Luckily I got the money trasferred to my Beijing account from Shanghai so it's fine. But still....Argh.
It's not Bangkok if you don't take a Tuktuk somewhere

 Started to go through a checklist of Asia's TOP 50 bars. I guess I could do all of them in 1 year...Best in Bangkok is on number 17 from the total list. Check! The drinks were great at Vesper and about 10 euro each.