Sunday, April 28

3 Sums Opening Party - Finnish Young Professionals

Was a nice week in Stockholm, and now back to Beijing again. the flight back was half empty and I had seats to sleep on. It was also about 1.5 hours shorter to fly TO China as well. Wonder why. Anyway, direct flight with Air China was nice on the way back because they had loads of Scandinavian food!

3 Sums is finally open! The transformation is amazing! From a dirty smelly rathole to an amazingly nice furnished hip restaurant. I organised an event for Scandinavians living in Beijing here as an opening party. Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway all had representing people here. Just take a look at the pictures before and after....There is a 2 month time gap between starting date and opening party. 

Hell's kitchen...

Here is what we had on the opening menu! Please feel free to come and try 3 Sums lunch set, it's 59 rmb for a set of 3 burgers and a drink on weekdays. 

We'll be offering 6 kinds of mini-burgers:
The Southern Belle--beef, bacon, american cheese, bbq sauce
The Frenchman--beef, foie gras, quail egg, dijon mustard
The Pittsburgher--beef, sweet potato fries, smothered in cheesy gravy
The Seattle Hippie--grilled portobello, pepperjack cream cheese
The Hawaiian--farm-fresh chicken, pineapple, aioli
The Greek--lamb, feta, black olives, curry yogurt

+ additional sides (fries, tater tots, homemade potato chips) 
+ mini apple pies for dessert. 

Unlimited tsingtao and sangria / punch.

April 27th 18.00 - 21.00 all you can eat and drink for 100kuai (after 9pm is cash bar)

All you can eat and drink for 100 RMB until 21:00.

35 Xiaoyun Lu (same street as Home Plate, 150m behind Kro's Nest) Sanyuanqiao, Chaoyang District

The transformation of the new look
Cooking, a multi cultural chef team
Preparing for the evening. 650 burgers were made in 2.5 hours
The Vedett tasted good 
The tree made into a table and swings
Yum yum
The Pittsburger is being born
Line up for more burgers!
Place was packed
The punch I was serving. A total of 12 bottles of rum and vodka was used

One of the warmest evenings so far, we were lucky with the weather
One of our master chefs all the way from Cuba

Last sunset in the North

Has been a great time up in the north although it was only 4 days. Time to fly back to Beijing again!

 Last sun sets at the northern kingdom
 Sergelska Torget

Saturday, April 27

Ghost-walk in Old Town

Old Town organizes a ghost walk every evening, the tour guide talks about ghosts, murders, mysteries, poltergeists and legends from Stockholm old town. The guide was really a great actor and scared most of the people while we were on the tour. It was also a great history lesson of the old town. Can warmly recommend it for anyone! The office where you can sign up for the tour is just next to the German church in old town. 

Saint Goran and the battle of Brunkeberg - 1471 The Swedes won on the third attack against the Danish and raised this statue as a sign of victory

Stockholms smallest statue, it's said that if you leave a personal beloning and pet the boys head it gives you great luck and fortune. Guide told us that the Asian people believe the legend and usually leaves a lot of coins (which the who ever travel guide is with them picks up later)
 A cannon ball in the wall? From a battle maybe? No, it was actually put there by a resident when the house was build
 This was called the alley of "hell". All murderers, criminals and bad people used to live in the little alley. Something you wanted to avoid at all cost 600 years ago. 
 The plague killed about 1/3 of the people in Stockholm. The reason for the plague were the rats, in the tour the guide told us to pick up a rat from the bag....but there was just candy in the purse. Most of the people were terrified of rats :P
 To start the tour come here, its the building here to the left
 Tales about the castle: The architect  of the castle never got to see it finished himself, some small dude told him in the middle of the night that he is doomed and all of his family too. The unknown person who told him this was right, de died in a disease and so did his son before the castle was finished. A curse? Or just bad luck, who knows.... 
The German church old crypt. But because the population was growing the room became too full of coffins and dead people, a solution was needed. After bodies has rotted the bones were put in the room next door. The reason why the bodies were not buried was because at that time only Swedish people were allowed to be buried in Swedish ground. 

The bone room. This room was filled with bones up to the roof! Also, they discovered a crypt that was not marked on any blueprint behind the small door (it was carved later on) you can see. It was not discovered until 1991 and then the body was moved to the normal cemetery. 

Friday, April 26

Stockholm @ Night

After daily meetings I went to downtown for taking some night shots, looks amazing by night! 

Skeppsholmen @ Night
 Stockholms most narrow passage, 46 cm in Old town
 Walking up to Stortorget
 Stortorget, Noble museum

 Stockholm Old Town one of my favorite places in Europe...
 Can't really see it in the picture but all the light are made lit with fire

 Skärholm, where I stayed. In the evening there are NO people at all outdoors

 "When was the last time you gave your car a SPA treatment?" :)
 Stayed here,  Scandic Kungens Kurva
And just next door worlds biggest IKEA...

Wednesday, April 24

Museums of the Kingdom

One of the most famous persons in Swedish history is Alfred Nobel - The guy who invented Dynamite. Alfred had factories in many countries and was a very international man at his time. He was born in Sweden but at the age of 9 moved to St. Petersburg. After St. Petersburg he spent a long time in Paris and was able to speak 5 languages which at that time was considered remarkable. Alfred made a LOT of money with selling the dynamite many countries and had factories all over Europe. He never got married or had any children so he decided that when he dies, his wealth should be given to other great inventors that do things for mankind. The interest rate that comes from his wealth (at that time 30 million) is divided once a year to the best inventions in the following categorise: Medecine, Physics  Chemistry, Literature and Peace. Later price in Economics was introduced by the Swedish Bank.

The Nobel Museum in Old Town
Huge seal of Alfred on the floor
A picture of Alfreds "workshop" and some of the tools used
People who played an inportant role in his life
Walking around the museum seeing people who invented dynamite, the X-ray, microscope, different medecine, LED lights etc makes you feel kinda dumb. What have you contributed to the human race? All the people that are represented in this house are truly remarkable!

In the ceiling there are pictures of every person who won the Nobel price, a guide told me that the winners often visit this museum and come and look at their work. 
 Various inventions and who came up with them 

After the Nobel museum I went to the ALCOHOL museum! We should def have this in Finland too since it plays such a big part in our Nordic life...The museum wasn't anything special, mostly just promotion for Absolut Vodka and then you could go and smell different alcohol types. Thats about it.

The Alcohol Museum
Different kind of ABSOLUT art

 Absolut the sand version, bet that's not gonna clench your thirst

 Liquorice, used as a taste enhancer in many alcoholic drinks
Liquorice carpets....
 How moonshine is made, homebrew
 The Absolut Exhibition in it's whole
 Movie with all kinds of dummy videos, this part is called "Swimming Absolute"
 Don't really know what this has to do with alcohol

 Lie and watch how it is to be drunk

 Smell the booze flavours