Thursday, March 31

Sakura, Hanami & Robots

One of the few words in Japanese everyone knows apart from "hai" or "arigato" is Sakura! The cherry blossom season that brings in thousands of flower lovers to Japan. The season is very short for the Sakura trees to blossom and during this time a loooooot of people gather in parks all over the country and have a picnic while drinking under the trees. It's really like May 1st in Finland but much much prettier...and NO ONE leaves trash behind or bottles. Please learn from Japan! Just when the Sakura trees are starting to blossom there is a "Spring opening party" called Hanami, the Yoyogi park was completely packed with thousands of people sitting in the park drinking and having a good time with friends. The vibe was amazing, nothing like this exists in China and it's so cool to be based in Tokyo instead now!

Took my friends out to Robot Restaurant since that is something you CAN'T miss while being in Tokyo. Crazy show filled with lasers, noise and flashing lights. It does not get more weird than this (suggest not arriving totally sober) The show plays 4 times a day and it's sold out every last show, book your tickets in advance.

Found an old Ramen truck in the middle of the night in Tsukishima! They still exist! Many years back it was a normal sight but now more rare. This old guy made very good food
 You find all kinds of stuff in Shibuya on a Saturday this guy in a LED suite 
 One of my favorite retro bars in Akihabara, they collect all kinds of strange stuff including old "boom-blasters". And they have tons of very random beers and lot of hot dog choices...and this hotdog mascot
I wonder what people back in the 80s would say if they saw someone from 2016 carrying an iPhone instead of this massive junk 

 Evening at Shinjuku 
 Out for drinks by the Aoyama tunnel bar in Shibuya

 Pachinko! There are tons of these Japanese gambling arcades, and it's suuuuper loud in here 
 Found this "maybe cute" shop in Harajuku...Wonder why it was written in Finnish
 Shibuya crossing on a Saturday evening is crowdeeeeed
Seriously! Did I just see 2 people pass me and both carrying big birds? A hawk and an owl...Haha amazing, Only in Japan!! 
 Shinjuku main street, notice Godzilla back on top of the roof. It's a 4D cinema
Guess there was some kinda bachelorette party going on 
The lounge bar upstairs where you can come and have some beers while waiting for the show to begin 
 Robotto robotto! Robot Restaurant! Hilarious & crazy show that kinda makes you wanna shake your head in disbelief. But then you realise that your in Tokyo and it doesn't even feel so strange. 

 My new favorit: Onigiri aka riceballs. They have them in any convenience store and for about 100 yen which is barely a euro. It's a perfect and tasty snack with all kinds of flavor like tuna, salmon, fired rice, egg, seaweed. Yum yum  
 Had dinner at Gonpachi where they filmed Kill Bill

 I've been waiting to see real Sakura for year and now that can be added to the ever growing checked off bucket-list!

 Give and you shall get.... Make someones day today and let the good things go around 

 Just chilling under the sakuras with some drinks. Chill!! 
 Such a pretty city!! 
 Birds were enjoying it too

Hanami at Yoyogi park with friends 

Someone didn't really make it the whole way...Haha 

Thursday, March 24

Kawaii Monster Cafe - Only in Japan

Yesterday we went to check out something different, it's called Kawai Monster Cafe which is suppose to reflect on modern Japanese pop culture of something. When you enter there is a very strong scent of vanilla-ish sweet smell but what you see makes you forget the smell for a bit. The room is full of lights, unicorns as if on crack and just generally very trippy. In the background there is a mix of awful 90s techno music and random Deadmou5 tracks that somehow fit this rather strange place.  Pasta we ordered looks like a load of "e-vitamins" and the colourful sauce stuff does not really have any flavour. Healthy! So far the strangest thing I've eaten this year. After finishing the the pasta I started wondering why I even ordered it. But we also got some steaks and chicken that was great! Free flow of beer was cheap and for 2 hours you refill your glass with no extra cost.

This place is really something you HAVE to see in Tokyo if your looking for a different kind of dining experience...or just for shits & giggles. If your wondering where It's located, go to Harajuku subway station and walk about 5-10 minutes.

All the flavours of the rainbow 
 Infinity mirrors 
 Drinks plz 
 You can book this private room for a special occasion, anyone feel like having a different birthday? 

 I think I know how Alice in Wonderland feels now 

Tuesday, March 22

New life begins in Tokyo

Was a very stressful week to get everything fixed in Shanghai but now finally here! I still haven't really realised that I live in Tokyo, guess it will take a few months to sink in. The second morning when I woke up I wondered what the pollution levels are at outside. Then it hit me that I never have to think about that again! :)

Will live on Tsukishima island now for 2 weeks before I have to go traveling again, this place really feels like Drumsö in Helsinki. There is water all around, not much people and very peaceful. The Tsukishima island is famous for it's "Monja" street which is a kind of Japanese food. I also saw a guy with a gigantic turtle walking the street. Googled him and found a lot of stories "if your lucky during the weekend you will see this guy". And lucky we were :)

Had some really nice fish at the Tsukiji fish market, it will close next year so now is the time to go there while still possible! During weekend will go there at 5 AM to see the fish trading, convenient when it's just a 20 minute walk from home. They take 120 people in every morning with a "first come first serve" queuing system. Hope I could make it.

First night, clear sky. Good night Tokyo, looking good! 
Home this March 
 The city where EVERYTHING should be cute, even dog food 
Monja street おいしいのもんじゃ
 Monja feast! First you fry the veggies on the side
Then you pour in the egg mix in the middle 
Stir around
 And make a "pancake". Pour some cheese on and wait for it to melt. Ready to dig in! 
 Or if you just looking for a quick good and cheap dinner get some Obento & Onigiri (riceballs)
Tsukiji fishmarket, sea urchin mix bowl with loads of fresh fresh fish 
 Beautiful here in Tsukishima and perfect for jogging 
 Most of the alleys are max 1 meter wide, barely get a bicycle through here 
 This guy! Love his gigantic tortoise and so did everyone else. Wonder how old it is? Looking at Wikipedia it revealed lifespan to be up to 150 years. 

Check this short clip, following master 
 Reflections on this beautiful Sunday afternoon 

 The old converted to a toilet 
 In every part of the city you can find a shrine for praying 
 Old meets new 
 Seriously, only find stuff like this in Japan. Says she's daydreaming 
 Melon Pan is awesome! Local dessert :) 
You don't have to worry if you forgot your umbrella home in Tokyo. People leave umbrellas all over the city for grabs. I love this city more everyday! And vending machines in EVERY corner 
 Hede this is for you, a whole shelf with One Piece stuff @ 7-11 market