Monday, October 6

Vacation in Krabi

Think it's my 5th time to Thailand now but first time ever to Krabi. Immediately after arriving we took to the beach and ordered an ice cold beer! Thai people at least understands to serve cold drinks when it's hot, in China it's normal to get room temperature water or drinks because the believe it is not healthy for the stomach to drink cold stuff...lame. Nothing better to sit with best friends with a beautiful scenery knowing that the next whole week will be chillout, road-trip & diving!

Booked it at Golden Beach Resort which, judging by the name is right on the beach. Just a few meters outside the bungalow you come to a mile long golden white sanded beach. It was very low season and there was almost no people what so ever. Perfect timing! Phuket was probably packed with people because that is where all the Chinese tour groups go, October 1st - 7th is a Chinese national holiday. Good that we took Krabi :)

So this was the view with an ice cold beer, cannot complain!!

We also had some monkeys by the beach fooling around
The rock formation in Krabi is very cool, it was here where they filmed James Bond - Man With The Golden gun back in 1970's
Sun starts setting

 Have had so much Thai food during the past week, still taste awesome! Everywhere!
 Looks like some sort of dream catcher but not

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