Friday, October 24

Reaching Davao

Far from busy cities and in the middle of the Pacific ocean where everything is fresh and clean you find yourself in Davao. It is the most southern island of the Philippines with a population of about 1.5 million people. There are no sky scrapers or large highways here. It's very much a place with nature, like home! Except the weather here is always perfect or close to so. Never winters, never darkness, never snow. The "worse" part might be the rainy season but even that is warm. I can't think of a single thing to complain here :)

Thank you Maj & Maan for picking me up the first night! And the interesting late night dinner that consisted of a tuna male fish private parts among other things. 
We got these fishes home too. But not this kind of soup, it's YBER sour
This office did not have AC. I did not care. At all. 
Lunch next day could not have been any better...Native BBQ chicken, fried giant crab & garlic shrimps the second day. AMAZING!!!! Add an ice cold San Miguel beer to it and your pretty much food wise in heaven. 
Although the leftover pile became quite big. There was a feast. Forget plates or forks, here we use hands! 
A mega mall in such a small city...Heard that the local here love malls. Because there is AC :)
Probably the creepiest carved gigantic melon I have ever seen....Well it IS halloween soon. Maybe try this on a pumpkin and Jack would be happy. 
Took a ferry out to the neighbour island
When the ferry took off I saw this one in the port. PARTY BOAT! Aawww jean! 
This was so awesome!! They had a long slide down in the ocean, flew around 10 - 15 meters from about 3 meter height when reacing the end. Wahaaaaa, one of the coolest things ever by the beach! 
Aquaman! Wonder what I was shouting
The perfect sunset
My new Filipino family :) Thanks for everything! 

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