Wednesday, October 22

Off to Philippines again

The weekend in Beijing was great! Took an evening flight back to Shanghai, packed my bags there and early next morning set off to Manila. Had a quick stop in Hong Kong so went out to see if there were still some protests going on. And yes they were, some road blocks were added in Central area. When in Hong Kong one just have to get Dim Sum and so I did :) Best lunch you can get here! Hok Ting Yao was too busy so could not get some of that cheap Michelin Star DimSum but found another good one at the airport. And it's cheap too. For 10 euros you will eat so much you practically roll out of the restaurant.

The best you can get in Shanghai lounge....Seriously not impressed. Who wants sweaty and slimy noodles??
 The airport was completely empty this Monday morning. Never seen it like this before. Check-in, customs and security took me about 10 minutes in total. 
 Empty plane
 Roadblock before the protestors 
Easy to recognise it's Hong Kong from the old school trams
 IFC Central
 And my Dim Sum lunch :) BBQ Pork Buns, Stir fried turnip cakes, pork rolls with soy sauce and buns stuffed with yellow custard. And ofc some tea, set perfect and done
 Next stop, Manila
 Took me a long time before I came to the hotel but at the hotel they had a awesome surprise. Were serving a lobster buffet for another 30 minutes and asked if I still wanted some. YES!! Nomnomnom

 Manila Ortigas area
Massive city which really isn't made for walking in

 Hangover drinks from Korea :)
 Some street food! Kebab!
 Starving kittens, have some of my food

 A late night dip
 Looks like a ripped apart golden snitch from Harry Potter
 Getting into the Manila airport....serious security. Everybody is checked twice. Even going into a shopping mall requires a bag and body search.
 Male & Female lines...
 The have a massage at the airport! About 8 euro for 1 hour. Can do plz, love it! Please add this to every airport :)
 Loads of people but everyone here waits for their turn and no pushing. Very different from China....
 How a bird sees Manila 

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