Thursday, October 16

One more night in Bangkok, LIVE Thai Boxing!!

It's been about 2 weeks + here now. So much fun together with friends, diving, road-tripping and massages by the beach. Coming to Thailand always is great and it feels like you can never get enough of being here. I really envy you Mikko for being so smart and deciding to study in Bangkok your Bachelor degree, I should have done the same....

Some real nice street food the last night. Stomach still works fine. Thank you Biogaia ! 
 Last day it started raining like never before. I have not seen anything like this before. Sky opened and the drops were the size of golf balls. Loads of water came down...

 Not long after that the streets were flooded
 Found randomly a cozy place to have lunch in. Turns out it was voted one of the top places on Tripadvisor. Random luck!
 Always traffic to either way, depending on the time of the day
 Went to a Thai Boxing match in the evening with my old friend who used to study in Finland before. Thanks Da for fixing the tickets. Some nice street food first :)
 Cheers, now go and kick some ass guys
 The chanting and screams were LOUD and the fight was super intense. Each fighets family was cheering next behind him in the corner too. Those buys were though!! 

 Loads of betting going on upstairs 

Places was packed...
 Afterwards celebrate Timis 20th bday, happy birthday man
 Early 7am flight...could make own pancakes in the lounge...Yum
 Bye bye Thailand, will miss you but back soon again! This is def one of the best palces in whole ASIA!

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