Sunday, October 26

River rafting in Davao

Went for a 14 km river rafting that took about 4 hours. I didn't have time to go buy sunscreen before it because we left 7 am in the morning. So it was just to bear blue skies and strong sunlight. Luckily I've ben quite a lot in the sun lately so could avoid being burnt really really bad. Didn't really get anything else than slight warm feeling on the skin in the evening. No snake-peeling effect this time. The rafting was super cool, there were a few parts of it when it got really wet and once our boat also fell over. I got stuck in the river under water for about 20 seconds because the current was so strong and the top of the raft stopped me from getting up. Was after a while able to kick myself up to surface and nicely float down the river without hitting any rocks. Adrenaline kick! 

Took about 1.5 hour in this minibus to reach the location 
Let's go, and try not to drown

Trying to stay up but it just falls over 
 Was stuck under there for a while
Chillout moment 
Get some!!!!

 Down we go! 
This place was called the "washing machine"
 Winner winner chicken dinner, made it down alive 
Time to pack the stuff and leave

Beautiful place! Like being in the jungle 

Last but not least, a lunch after all the workout

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