Wednesday, October 8

Roadtrip around Krabi

We rented som 250cc Honda CBR's, I really wish I would have a bike like this in China! We drove from Krabi through the whole west coast and also did some jungle sightseeing. The weather was just amazingly perfect with sunshine, blue sky and 31 degrees. Doesn't get any better than this...

Found an empty deserted beach that just happened to have 2 sun chairs for us. What a coincidence! 
 How's your day at the office? 

 Found a loooong bridge out into the water but could not figure out what it was for? 
 Nope, can't cross deep mud with these street bikes
 Pretty pretty, if they only would have given me a black one...
 Did some off-road driving, its now proved that there an go up and down on mud tracks in the jungle! 
 Paradise found! And it's all ours this afternoon...

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