Wednesday, October 15

Ayutthaya Bangkok

The old Royal Palaces Ayutthaya was destroyed by the Burmese back a few hundred years ago just in the outskirts of Bangkok. The area is huge and you really want to have a taxi/driver who takes you around. There are also local small Tuk Tuks that will drive you for a few hundred bahts. Getting to Ayutthaya from the city takes about 1.5 hours, depends on the traffic. I talked to a taxi driver the night before to "rent him" for a day. Was about 80 euros in total. This is smoothest way to have your private little tour.

 What a perfect day! VERY hot to walk around though but will not complain because it is gonna suck in the winter

 Silent Hill toilets....
Head removed from all statues 

1 survived

Savadi kaaaaap, Hede we miss you already! 
 Lunch by the river
 What are you looking at Winner winner we had chicken dinner! 
Reclining Buddha 

Wishing well in the temple after climbing up
 A statue head survived and got entangled in the roots of this tree
 In the evening to Asiatique market 

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