Sunday, October 5

Exploring Bangkok

After a long nights party an afternoon by the pool sipping some ice cold soda water was like a gift from heaven. Hede also landed and joined us, awesome to have so many good friends finally around!! First few hours was just about chilling, later in the day we changed hotel and checked-in at Thailands tallest hotel with a suite on the 66th floor with a view over the whole city, Bayoke Tower! The hotel is quite old but view is great, when staying at Bayoke you can go for free up to the bar on the 75th floor. Drink in the bar just about 3 euros each and the interior design is very...NEON! 

Views from Bangla, area close to the airport and where the Ultra concert was last night
 Oakwood apartments
 Chilling half the day by a private pool, life is good! Sunny and 32 degrees! 
 View from Bayoke hotel, the picture is a bit blurry because they used some dark material to protect the window so not so much heat would come in
Pool at Bayoke on the 18th floor was nice

Streets always chaotic in Bangkok
 Imperial Palace


This guy does NOT look happy
 Monks chanting 

 The rooftop bar at Bayoke, NEON NEON!
 Massage! For 200 baht 1 hour awesome Thai massage, we had one almost every night
 It's like a maze down there
 The pool table wasn't just closed, it was SO closed
 Breakfast at the 74th floor, highest in town!
 And the boys are flying to Krabi! Diving and other adventures ahead

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