Sunday, October 19

Crazy pollution in Beijing but one of the best weekends in a long time!

Beijiiiing! It's been over half a year since I set my foot here is this lovely but polluted city. And polluted it is again! First thing you notice even before the plane lands is that breathing gets more difficult and your lungs start to hurt a bit. And this is before I even gotten out of the airport. Luckily I got some Swedish masks with me to make the breathing easier.

Took a taxi back to Wangjing where I lived a few months last year, thank you again Jussi for letting me stay there so long :) 

 View of Wangjing on Saturday morning with PMI levels at 400
View on Sunday noon with PMI levels normal at about 60 
 Good old Wangjing! 
 Taking a taxi on saturday, the sky was just like porridge everywhere. 

 Haha, I don't even need to explain this sign
 My all time favorite bar Nearby The Tree. Food always as good and drinks are cheeeeeap
 Jing A brewery soft opeing
Brewed right here! 
 My friends new bar, HUSH in worker stadium
 My old workplace, Elements! Still gong strong :) 
 5 F, really cool sort of new huge club opened. Fred was such an awesome night out! 
 Sunday morning was fine again. Clear sky in Gongti! 

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