Tuesday, October 7

Diving in Phi Phi

Haven't been diving for a year, and last time I was anywhere was also in Phi Phi when we spent a lovely family Xmas in Thailand & Singapore. Congrats Henrik for completing and becoming a Open Water Diver!! 

Diving in Phi Phi is nice but not amazing. Cannot even compare it to Philippines, this places has been exposed to mass tourism and the choral reef and animals in it has suffered greatly. Can see that a lot of it is dying, and it is quite sad...Saw some turles, Murray Eels and huge fish formations. Hede was lucky enough to see a Tiger Shark the next day when I didn't join the dive. For those of you who never dived in south east Asia this is who it looks down on about 10 - 25 meters.

 Giant Turtle

 Dying choral reef, lacks color and becoming grey

 Going up

 First dive done!
 Second dive was at a much more colourful place
 What a good picture....

 Going down

 Fish fish fish!!

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