Saturday, October 4

Road To Ultra - Bangkok EDM!!

It just happened that ULTRA was the same weekend as I was in Bangkok, what a coincident!! Was almost going to it last year in Seoul but didn't have any money...Ultra is an event that is organised in a few countries each year. This year it was in Bangkok & Tokyo in Asia. In USA it's always organised in Miami, and it's only once a year. So was pretty lucky that I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. We made some Raver bracelets with Mikko and got some proper raver gear dressed as power rangers. One of the best events this year!!!

It's a tradition between "ravers" to make your own bracelets and change with others. At least in US it was...I made some here but only had 1 left when coming back home :) Anyway, hope they are in good hands!

 And it's done! 
 Time to party :)
Let Road to Ultra begin!
 W & W
 Martin Garrix

 Go go Power rangers (mask wrong way yes I know)


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