Monday, October 13

Road trip #2 Krabi

It's so great to drive around on bikes so we went for a second ride the day after. Really miss having a REAL motorbike in China, not an electric scooter like I have now...Or even a 125cc gas scooter like I had in Beijing...But it was not very "legal".

Passed a lot of beaches, a few caves, great local food and then on the way back a massive monsoon rain. Was not fun to drive in the pouring rain on a darkening highway full of trucks. We stopped a few times to wait for the worse to go away. But every-time we stopped and waited for the rain to move we caught up with it later just to get soaking wet. Coming back to the hotel cold and wet, hot shower and 1 hour Thai massage + great curry made it all good again. What a beautiful day!! 

On top of the world we are! Same Same

Krabi from above
Random small houses that look like they were put together in 2 weeks. 
 The Klang was totally abandoned during the low season. We went in and thought Batman might scare us...pitch black and we could hear some chirping bats. Kinda creepy...Well no bats attacked, no rabies, no casualties :) 

Into the mouth of madness -Silent Hill

Klang Cave entrance #2. Very inviting....
This is a rubber tree. You cut it and leave a cup to collect the rubber mass, there are thousands and thousands of these trees here. Let's make some rubber! 
 Do not feed mosquitos water! 
 Who is good with directions? Luckily google maps got us exactly where we wanted. Thank god for 3G
 Stopped for lunch at this empty place. Nice food, nice view, nice day

 Pad Thai & Crab
 We were wondering what these figures were, and later that day we found out....
 Found a random temple in the mountains with these statues and some dogs running around....but no people

 End of the road, goodle map isn't always right :) Beautiful view so I don't even mind driving wrong here
 Some mud animals, you probably need to zoom in on the picture to see them. Look like grey reptiles 
 Going out for a boat ride to see more caves...that water...yum yum color 

 Our longboat driver
Water houses
 Second cave, drive right through it with the boat. Saw some crocodile looking animals going into the water about 50 meters from us. Guess it wasn't hungry for people. Swamp animals...
This was the statue we had seen everywhere before! On tshirts, poster, magnets etc. It's an old very "famous" painting made long long looong ago. Not really sure what it is thought. The guy from Ice Age? :) 
There is always a light ahead in the tunnel
 Saw this dude in the pouring rain landing a caterpillar smoothly alone from a trailer
Crazy heavy rain, felt like the whole sky would come down. You can even see the massive drops on the picture
 The night market with all kinds of yummy stuff
 Spices, fruit, veggies, meat and loads more!

Just next to the hotel in the evening someone got into an accident. Looked pretty bad...the scooters were jsut trashed into pieces...I didn't see who it happened to and there were no people injured at the scene...They might have already been taken away by an ambulance...

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